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    I have had my folks living with me for over 7 years. Dad ( vet) has Alzheimer's and Mom (90) has physical disabilities. I have applied for A&A for the past 2 years and have been denied. Recently, the doctor at the VA had me re-apply, so hopefully it will be approved. My question is, can those monies be used to pay for in home care by a non-medical individual and or to myself (daughter) since I take care of them 24/7??? or pay for their care in I travel out of town?

    Any info. on what A&A pays for would be greatly appreciated.

    p.s. Thank you so much for this website :) I am one stressed out daughter who needs all the help she can get !!!!
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    there are several posts on the formula for reducing gross income. There is also a post on creating a care contract for caring for parents.
    the majority of denials are because the income is too high, so of course there would be a denial.

    The PENSION benefit (homebound, A&A) do not pay for anything. THe award is given when a vet or widow spend all their income on care. Then an award or PENSION amount is sent so they have some extra money.

    1. get parents GROSS income (monthly)
    2. read post on deductable items
    3. subtract those items form gross income
    4. the income amount that is left is aprox the amount you should charge for CARE.
    5. find post on care contracts
    6. you parents have to actually pay you.
    7. finally, if the assets are over 80k then that is a seperate issue to resolve.

    good luck, again read the posts
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    Thanks much for the info :)

    I have been searching for care contracts and the deductible items, so far no luck. If you have any idea where I can locate those items, I would appreciate your help !

    Thanks again for such a wonderful resourceful website !


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