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    What forms do you need to fill out for A&A if you are already reciving benifits as a widow of a war vertern who was 100% service connected disability. Can you get A&A for Assitied Living if you have already moved Into the place.
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    You may send a statement on a 21-4138 saying "I would like to apply for the additional aid and attendance allowance"

    Then also submit current medical evidence showing the extent of the claimant's disabilities and how the disabilities effect how the claimant is able to perform their activities of daily living. The VA may send you a letter asking for additional medical evidence depending on what you send in.
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    We are waiting over a year for A&A benefits. My step dad was approved in May 08 for A&A. We are still waiting forf them to resolve fidicuary issue and release funds. Senator Kyl's office in AZ has sent requests, as well as an agency helping us. I have called the Phoenix office twice, and they make a record of my request. They have made no effort to meet with my mom and step dad. Any suggestions?

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    I can sympathize with your situation and frustrations. I am surprised that your Senator has not been more successful in getting a reply. This type of contact generally pushes things to the forefront. At this point you might want to consider contacting Senator McCain's office for any assistance they can lend. Two other options are to contact the Secretary of the VA and the White House. Given the current transition, I don't know how affective the White House would be.

    I would start with pushing on Kyl since he is already involved and aware of the circumstances. You need to keep knocking on doors until someone opens one. I would allow at most 3 weeks with each attempt for a reply. From what you have shared, there is no reason to withhold from May and to not have set an appt in the last 6 months.

    Please keep us posted.
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    Hi... would the form 21-4138 also work if trying to get additional Aid and Attendance benefits for my parents to get them into an Assisted Living facility? If so, what information do you think is needed in the comment section of form 21-4138? Last year, I helped my father submit the form for VA Disability Pension along with submitting the Aid and Attendence medical form signed by the physician. This resulted in a monthly benefit of $789; however, I don't really know what part is for the VA Disability Pension and what part is for the Aid and Attendance. Currently, my parents are living is a small retirmement apartment complex, but they now are needing more medical assistance and need to move to an Assisted Living facility. Do they actually need to be in the Assisted Living facility prior to requesting additional benefits? Thank you.
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    Hi ...
    Yes, 21-4138 is where you would ask for an increase in his award, you should include a new Medical Expense Form listing one months worth of expenses 21-8416.
    You should be able to tell if he is getting Pension with A&A based on the award letter. If you can not, in a separate mailing from the one where you ask for an increase, you should ask the VA to detail out the components of the award.

    This will help you gauge where you should focus your efforts. For example, if he is getting Compensation Disability and NOT Pension Disability, he might be better off with Pension. If he is getting Pension, moving into the assisted living will likely increase his award to the maximum amount ($1,842 for VWS yesterday, today closer to $1,900 per month). So, if you know it is Pension with A&A, he already meets the income, expense and medical needs components and moving to the ALF will increase his expenses, resulting in an increased award...if only it were as easy as it sounds!

    Good Luck,
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    I have applied for A&A going on 3 years now,My father was WWII Vet. He was awarded the money but never recieved it. After many phone calls,and accrued benefit forms I was informed by the veterans administration that now that my Father has died the accrued benefit is no longer available. Even though he served in the War to keep thie this country safe,Now that he has passed on, sucks to be you. I have been in contact with my local Govenors Gillerbrand office in NY, but that fell through the cracks,(Make me Sick). I have filled out the correct paper work sent it certified still no response.I was also put in conrtact with a person who has reported to me that she has had nothing but success with collecting benefits for familes of the deceased still nothing . Somebody help me,please I want to put this to rest.

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