A&A suspended due to address change - how long could he wait???

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by eth72, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Hi All,
    Glad to have discovered this forum and would welcome any thoughts from others!

    My 87 YO grandfather has AZ since '06 and was approved then for A&A. Combined with his SS and pension, he has been able to afford the ~$3000 average monthly cost of assisted living. Unfortunately in '06 his POA, his only child, (my mother) passed away, so as his oldest grandchild, I'm the only one who has stepped up to ensure he's taken care of. In 2007 his 1st assisted care place shut down, and unfortunately in 2008 his next place shut down as well... Consequently with 3 different facilities over a two year period, I was never forwarded paperwork that I am now realizing must be filed yearly in regards to his income or his benefits will cease/become suspended. I filled it out in 2008 but never received it in 2009. I didn't realize this oversight until checking his checking account just recently and realizing his account has been dropping by $1500 each month which would leave him empty within 5 months now, and homeless. Turns out, as promised, they suspended his benefits as of March because they didn't have the form or updated address.

    I understand that me being his POA doesn't suffice with the VA, so I picked my grandfather last month and drove him down to the nearest office, with the fiduciary paperwork (21-4138) and the income verification papers and he was able to sign everything in person... The rep at the VA was very nice and understanding but hinted that it could take a very long time for his benefits to be reinstated(he would get every penny back, however). He did request that it get expedited due to financial hardship, but I'm wondering if that's just an "imaginary" stamp that gets placed on it and doesn't mean anything, anywhere... Whether he had AZ or not, I would have hoped that an updated address could get things going again...

    Anyway, without being noted as a fiduciary, getting information on the phone won't work... Any advice? Has anyone ever had their benefits suspended and how long did it take for all of the money to come back? Obviously I'm freaking out and know I only have 5-6 months before his checking account is empty and am really worried... I'm guessing the noting me as fiduciary and reinstatement would all happen at the same time, whenever that is...

    Thanks much,
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    well you did the right thing by going to VA and getting the paperwork started. as far as your financial situation that is unfortunate. at this time i would suggest - 1 call the va and see where the claim is - is it being worked? 2. if nothing has happened yet, submit an IRIS inquiry. see va.gov and search for that. if you cant find it call the VA back and ask for 1 to be submitted or help with locating how to submit 1. iris is worked on priority basis and may help expedite the claim. good luck.
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    Help me please....... I have been trying to get information about a Annual or yearly evaluation form or paperwork that needs to be filled out and sent in yearly..... but not getting a reply from anyone....
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    My understanding is that they will send you the form early January. My mother's been receiving A&A since Sept. 2008 and I have yet to receive an EVR form.

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