A&A pension granted but monthly entitlement being withheld on incompetcy

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    I rec'd a letter today granting my father non-service connected pension, but the entitlement is being withheld base on incompetency.

    the VA decision states "A finding of incompetency is proposed" they state that my father is unable to mange his financial affairs and "propose to rate him as incompetent". they are giving him an opportunity to provide evidence other wise

    my father is not capable of handling his affairs, i applied for the benefits on his behalf and filled out the form in the app to act as his agent. i also am his POA.

    the letter says a fiduciary may be appointed to manage his benefits.

    can I be appointed as in fiduciary? i handle all his affairs as it is through POA.

    should i expalin to the VA my father live in an Assisted living home and only has two maybe three bills and handles his affairs with the help of family members?

    i've heard appoint a fiduciary with the VA can be very cumbersome.

    any help or advise would be great.....HELP


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    This is a common letter from the VA, but sadly allows them to delay payments until a Fiduciary has been appointed. You can request a meeting with a VA Field Agent and tell them that you want to be assigned as Fiduciary. Discard the POA as they will not acknowledge it.

    Depending on the age, physical state of your dad along with extreme financial hardships being placed on the family, you have the right to ask for the meeting to be expedited.

    This is just another stumbling block to be maneuvered. You need to hang in there
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