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  1. Daisywin

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    Does anyone know the aid & attendance amount of this years full pension? Last year (2014) the VA sent our Veteran a letter stating A&A was $704 (of the full $1,758 pension A&A).

    Medicaid in Florida will not count the A&A dollar portion as income. This year the total A&A full pension went up but we are having delays getting the A&A dollar amount broken out. We need to know soon in order to verify if our Veteran still qualifies for medicaid or if we need the hire an attorney to draw up a QIT for retaining much needed medicaid services.

    Thank you
  2. vetadmin

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    $1,791 is the new rate for single Veteran. Sorry, can't offer any insights on what percentage would be counted by Medicaid. It was a 1.7% increase, so perhaps you can do the math on that. If anyone else is dealing with the same issue, maybe someone else can offer more info.
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    Looks like it will be $716 (if my math is right). See attached PDF.

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    Thank you VetAdmin, that makes sense. Note to members, Medicaid procedures vary from state to state, sometimes within each county within each state, meaning how much of VA improved pension with A&A is counted as income (some places none of it is counted). However, when the VA states the portion of pension that is technically A&A it is a VA national $ number and does not vary.

    OhioVSO, Thanks for the math! & document. You saved me time especially because a new dollar scramble was dropped on us unexpectedly.

    Our Veteran applied under the liberalizing law for approximately $4,000 in claims.
    Yesterday the VA surprise deposited over $9,000 in his bank account!

    Our Vet called the VA to be sure it was not an error (awarding him so much more than he applied for!!!). VA adjudicator pulled his file and assured him it was all his, no worries, properly awarded.

    Well, yes, that is really great news! But in order to retain medicaid he cannot have more than $2,000 in cash assets in bank account at the end of the month. Florida medicaid allows for extra funds to be spent down on living and medical expenses and paying legitimate bills. Now we have to quick figure out how to do that in the next few days because we were only planning on $4,000 not $9,000. Probably a chair rail for the condo stairs and electric scooter so he can leave the house without having to call the paramedics to carry him down to the car. Heavensent, but, another tricky math detail issue with a deadline, lol

    We are waiting for the VA letter that will explain the extra money details and I will let everyone here know. Has anyone ever known the VA to award monies not filed for or more than requested?
  5. vetadmin

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    Congratulations, and yes. If the applicant meets all the qualifiers that they would have been eligible the 12 months prior, they can be awarded under the Liberalizing Law. Spend that money fast!!
  6. Daisywin

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    Correction on Medicaid - recipient has 30 days from the date of deposit to spend down cash received
  7. Daisywin

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    The aid & attendance portion in 2015 of a single veteran pension is confirmed $716 out of the total $1,788 monthly.

    Found it on va.gov website. Actually, our Vet called Florida State Dept of Veterans Affairs. The rep said he did not know because he did not work for the VA but he took the time to look it up on va.gov and found the increase from $704 in 2014 to $716 in 2015. (I wish I knew exactly where because we had looked there already and failed to find it).

    Thanks again!

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