A&A Payments after Medicaid Eligibility

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    I am getting a lot of conflict advice and I was hoping that someone might have some insight on the following . . .

    My great Aunt has received the A&A benefit for the past 2 years. However, in April she was forced to leave her ALF and move into nursing. As a result, we applied for Medicaid in Ohio effective May 1, 2015. I was told to pay just her estimated patient liability (which did not include the full $1100 or so A&A benefit) beginning May 1 and I did that for the May, June and July bills. She was approved just this week. I understand that the patient liability for Medicaid is based on her income. I also understand that her A&A benefit will be reduced to $90. What I do not understand is what happens to the full A&A pension that she received in May, June and July? Medicaid is saying that is owed as part of the patient liability until the VA stops paying it. Someone at the VA, if I understood him correctly, is saying that the VA will not ask for that money back AND that Medicaid cannot require my aunt to pay that to the nursing home. Can anyone help me with that? I have no problem paying it to the nursing home but if that is not required and my aunt can use that for her own personal needs, I want to make sure she is able to do that. I even called an elder law attorney who did not want to answer my questions unless I paid a retainer. I am willing to do that, if necessary, but, again, I was hoping someone may have insight and citations that I can share with Medicaid.
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    The nursing home is not entitled to the VA money.

    The issue you may have is that it puts her over for Medicaid purposes.

    If she/you have not already paid for final arrangements, this would be a good thing to take care of with those funds.

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