A & A Payment Received After Death of Claimant

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  1. JoanB

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    Thank you for the explanation. I guess I am just confused about the retroactive terminology. She already received the full December payment, but as she died during that month, we have to pay back the entire month, even though she is entitled to the funds from the first through the 24th. After we pay back these funds, we can turn around and request reimbursal for the days in December she was alive. Does that sound correct?
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    You can request reimbursements for any last illnesses if she were waiting for her retroactive payments to be given to her. The retroactive pay is what she accumulated while your mother was waiting to be awarded the benefit. You have to meet with a fiduciary field agent before retroactive payments are made to the applicant typically. Did she ever meet with the field agent to get her retroactive pay? Or was she awarded that pay?

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