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    Tomorrow AM I will send off completed packet for A & A for my 91 yr. old mom. I had everything completed but was waiting for DD214 from St. Louis. I received it today after about 3 weeks from ordering - only about 2 weeks working days. Ended up being a Separation notice, 2 copies, but basically same thing. I made copies of everything and while I didn't use a binder, I did tab each section with an index included in cover letter and then clamped it all together, also used some paper clips for separate sections. I have about 25 pages total. I've included everything advised by other posters, including some 1099 Int. & Div. statements. I was very fortunate that I was able to locate evrything fairly easily except the DD214 which I had to request.
    Will also send it certified, return receipt. It's going to Philadelphia so hope the VA there is not flooded!
    I'll post when I hear anything and thanks so much for making this process something I could handle.
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    Good luck! Be sure to send to the proper Pension Center for her state.

    Keep us posted, and hope to hear great news soon.

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