A & A not yet received and my dad has passed.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mom2twins, Nov 3, 2014.

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    I have a few questions. My dads A & A package was sent off Sept 1. He passed away on Nov. 1. Will my mom still get this? At least the
    6 months back they told us about.
    And he had military retirement, and civil service retirement as well as SS. It was all being deposited into their joint account. How do I
    find out what Survivor benefits she is entitled to. How do I know what pension she will get, who do I call.

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    Our condolences on the loss of your Dad.

    Several issues you have to address here.

    If the application was for both your Dad and Mom, you will have to file a new application for Mom as the surviving spouse.

    Regarding the accrued benefits, if you or another family member paid expenses on their behalf for their care, you can file for reimbursement using VA form 21-601. You can find more information on this process on the site in the FAQ section under "Legal".

    If Dad's passing was due to a service-connected issue, then you would want to explore DIC - Death Indemnity Compensation for Mom.
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    The A&A was only for my dad. My mother had been paying for private care in a nursing/rehab facility for the past 5 months. It averaged $6500 a month. It just about wiped out my mothers money. She barely has enough to get by. I have been overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. I am getting conflicting answers from different agencies. My dad got Navy retirement and Civil service retirement. They took that back at the beginning of Nov. and I don't have the paperwork to fill out to get her reimbursement. I have also been on the phone with SS for more than 5 hours and have not gotten to a representative yet. I just don't have the time to
    sit and wait for a call to go through. I have waited for over an hour and half on 4 days. I just don't no where turn to.
    My brother talked to several agencies, CC, and VA about benefits and they were supposed to send paperwork to fill out but we got burial information and the funeral home took care of all that for us. Any ideas?

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