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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by crazmomof3, Dec 2, 2010.

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    I'm in the process of gathering all the information needed to apply for A&A. It is a bit overwhelming to say the least!

    I've been taking care of my mother who has Parkinson's for the past 5-1/2 years. She has lived with me the entire time. She's now to the point where the doctor has recommended hospice come in...not because she's at the end of her life necessarily, but because Medicare pays 100% of hospice services as opposed to home healthcare. And since she has Parkinson's she qualifies for hospice since it's basically a terminal illness.

    My question is this....if I apply for A&A, are her chances of being eligible good since we're not dealing with a home healthcare facility? My finances have completely gone down the tube the past few years due to having to quit my job to stay home with her full time. I hate to go through all this process if the aid is only given to certified facilties as opposed to family members who are caregivers. Anybody know??
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    I think she would have to be actually paying you to qualify - I'm sure more people will answer you who have more expertise and can give you more info.
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    you need to read some of the posts on family care giving.
    mom has to spend her income, if she spends it on CARE, then VA sends the PENSION. Family members CAN be paid to be caregivers.

    THe PENSION w/A&A, is intended to replace income that is spent on care.
  4. vetadmin

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    From what you are saying, she is not paying for medical care services. Without cost to claim, she would not be able to demonstrate a need. Family members can be paid for acting as a caregiver, but she would have to actually pay you in order to be able to claim the expense.

    The max award for a widow is $1056. You would need to determine what is best for your situation. If something were to happen that her level of care required her to be in a facility, you could be in a situation where she/you would need this pension to pay for care depending on what she receives in income each month. This is not a fast process and you may want to look long-term.

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