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  1. I am the VA Fiduciary and caretaker for my 82 yr. old mother.
    She was recieving a $1,400 per month widow's pension from the VA. She was awarded an additional $286 per month for the A & A benefit.
    According to the VA website, the A & A benefit could be as much as $976.25 per month or $11,715 annually.
    The VA field examiner told me that she was now recieving the maximum benefit amount.
    Is this true? Could she qualify for an additional $690.25 per month?
    If so, how do I apply for the increased amount?
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    it does not sound like your mom was getting pension. pension is income based and even a widow with AA would not get that much a month. I think mom receives DIC.

    effective 12/08 a widow's DIC (dependency and indemnity compensation) benefit was $1,154. With A/A of $286, this totals $1,400 per month.

    that is the max for her. no she cant qualify for anything more than that. the rate wont change except for cost of living every year.

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    I want to thank this site for excellent information on Aid and Attendance. There is very little about this on the US Veterans Affairs website.

    I would ask one small little addition to your information, maybe you can put this in the FAQs.

    I read all the pages, downloaded the forms, read them over, got ready to submit the 21-4138 form to get the claims process started with the required verbage, and read over the 21-534 to apply for the pension amount. But since my mom is in receipt of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, I decided to call the VA 800 number to see if I needed to send in all the supporting documentation; since she has been receiving DIC since July 1964 and VA has all the eligibility information.

    After waiting 25 minutes waiting (not bad for a Monday), I talked to a nice lady from VA. She explained that I did not need to send in the 21-534 form, that I needed to fax in the Doctor's form (21-2680) to the Philadelphia Pension Management Center, PO Box 8079, Philadelphia, PA 19101, FAX 215-381-3777 instead. I was pretty happy, lot less work and all.

    Then the downer, because my mom is receiving DIC, the A&A payment is only $286 added to her DIC payment of $1,154. Not bad, but thinking she may be eligible for the $1,057 additional amount. This would be nice if it was mentioned somewhere besides the Forum.

    Thanks to all you do for all us veterans.
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    You cannot receive death pension and DIC. She would be eligible for the standard DIC rate of $1,154.00 plus $286.00 for aid and attendance. She may be eligible for an additional $246.00 per month if the veteran was rated at 100% service-connected disabled for 8 years prior to his death and she was married to him for those same 8 years.

    You cannot get the $1,056.00 per month for death pension with aid and attendance AND DIC though.


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