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    I am trying to get assistance for my Mom, who is a 87 year old widow of a WWII vet. My Dad never asked for any assistance while he was alive because he felt that it was an honor to serve our country. My Mom has done OK financially until recently. Over the past 6 months she has become more confused and her health if starting to decline and she is unable to handle her bills, can no longer drive and the last time she tried to cook, the fire department was sent to her home because she forgot and left something cooking on her stove. She is not to the point that she requires an ALF or Nursing Home, but she has moved into an Independent Living Facility that provides 3 meals a day, cleans and provides transportation for her since she no longer drives. Everything that I have read about A & A states that ALF and Nursing Home fees can be deducted from her $1522. a month income, but can we also deduct the amount that she is paying to live in an Independent Living Facility? The last person that I spoke with stated that her income was too high for A & A. She draws $1522 a month in SS benefits and that is all that she has to her name. She has $0 in assets. I am just not sure what to do at this point, because the cost of the Facility that she is in exceeds her monthly income. Please help
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    Independent living facilities are not licensed care facilities. They are not going to manage her medications, help her bathe, cut her food up if needed, or help her up if she falls. All this to say, the VA 99% of the time denies the "rent" at an IL facility as an allowable medical deduction, but if you can prove that she is unable to live without being in a modified enviornment, and that this is all she can afford, there is a chance of getting her approved.

    I am sending you a private message regarding this.
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    Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I will continue to gather as much information as I can to support our claim. Thank you for all that you have done to help people like me who are very overwhelmed!
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    You're welcome, and thank you.

    I sent an email to your personal email address.
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    Does your mom receive assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, transferring, or toileting? If so, the VA may count the ILF as a medical expense.
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    I help her with her bathing, washing her clothes, and I put her medications in a pill holder for morning, noon and evening medications. The ILF drives her to her medical appointments, bank, drug store, etc.. because she can no longer drive. They also clean for her and strip her bed once a week and put fresh sheets on her bed for her because she can no longer do this for herself. Mostly they provide three meals for her a day. She had lost 20 pounds before moving in there because she was not able to cook and was not eating as much as she needed to be eating. She is not ready to go into Assisted Living or a Nursing Home, nor would she be able to afford either without being put on Medicaid. Then we are most likely looking at a semi private room, which she will not be happy in that environment. I just wish that there was assistance available for the elderly who just need additional help with the day to day activities vs medical help.

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