A&A Forms Required? Is VA Form 21-0516-1 required?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ajkenne, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Putting my A&A Improved Pension application together for my MIL who is a surviving spouse of a wartime veteran. She recently moved into an assisted living facility. Have prepared the packet including cover letter and expeditious handling request (age 90) to include:

    VA Form 21-534 including SSA form 24 and continuation sheet
    DD 214
    Officer Records Brief (WF Form 66)
    Marriage Certificate
    Death Certificate
    SF 180 Request for Military Records
    VA Form 21-2680 with continuation sheet
    Nursing Home Status Statement
    Report of Resident Physical Examination
    Determining Countable Income Worksheet
    Social Security Benefits Statement
    Survivor Benefits Annuitant Account Statement w DFAS 1099 for 2011
    Pension Annuity Benefits, AXA Equitable
    NFCU Interest Summary
    Financial Plan on how she plans to pay for ALF
    Voided Check, Bank of America
    VA Form 21-0845

    My question do I need to fill out the VA Form 21-0516-1? Is that a form required for the submission packet or does the VA ask for it later? If it is required, I need to know how to get a copy because it is not available from the government sites. It shows up but does not download as the fill-able pdf form. The link must be broken. Are there any other forms that I may need? Help please as I want to get this packet in ASAP to begin the process. Thanks, Austin
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    I think you are including items that are not necessary in making this applicaiton.

    You do not need to include the following:
    Military SF 180 if you are sending a copy of the DD 214
    Countable income worksheet
    Financial plan for paying ALF

    You do not include the EVR 21-0516. That is a form the VA sends out annually once the applicant has been approved for the pension.

    You do need to get a Statement of Occupancy from the facility which will show the services being provided and the amount of monthly payment, confirming she is a resident there.

    Be sure to keep a complete copy of the application for your records, mail Return Receipt to the proper Pension Maintenance Center that handles the state she lives in.

    Good luck!
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    My mom is a surviving spouse of a war veteran and I have recently found out that she may be eligible for additional benefits from the VA. How do I know what forms are applicable to be completed and where do I find those forms?

    For example - VA Form 21-534 including SSA form 24 and continuation sheet DD 214 -- is this online?
    What is this form for? VA Form 21-0845

    Do I need to go to the VA Building in Newark?
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    I highly suggest you return to the site and read through it. There is a complete list of all the documentation needed as well as all the forms that you can print off. http://www.veteranaid.org/apply.php

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