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    I'm a Social Worker in a Nursing Home and want to advocate for my veteran's to have the benefits they deserve, but can someone explain the benefit of applying for A&A if Medicaid is already paying for the Nusing Home stay?
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    Good for you for wanting to help your residents.

    The laws regulating Medicaid vary from state to state, and applicant cannot benefit from a full award since the state is paying for all of their care. However depending on the state the applicant would be entitled to $30.00 - $90.00.

    Search your own state's Medicaid regulations to make sure the Federal stance that the $90 A&A award is excluded from income and asset testing is in your state's medicaid regs - the only variations I have found to date is that some states will never include the $90 in an asset test as long as it is kept separately identifiable and that some states don't exclude it from asset testing - i.e. keep the total under the $2,000 limit. Either way, there is usually no hassle or delay for the $90 due every veteran or surviving spouse in a nursing home on Medicaid.
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    FOR calarification.
    The $90 award is income. (not an asset.) it is not counted in the month it is recieved.
    however, in the next month the $90 is now in the checking account and is now concidered an asset.
    Example: single vet in nursing home for custodial care.
    He recieves 2455 from Social Security. And 90 from VA.
    he has $1900 in his checking account on the first day of the month.
    his SS arrivers on the 5th. 1900 + 2455 = $4355 balance on 5th
    his Share of cost for the nursing home is (using CA) 2455-35(personal needs allowance)= $2420
    he writes check for $2420 on the 6th: $4355-2420= $ 1935 is the balance.
    his VA check is auto deposited on the 10th 1935 + 90 = $2025
    he doesnt spend any money the rest of the month.
    1.) Is he over the asset limit of $2000 for the current month?
    answer: NO! Medicaid states you have to be below the limit 1 day (anyday) in the month. he had 1900 on the first day 2nd 3rd 4th.
    now it is the 1st day of the new month he has 2025
    on the 5th he gets 2455
    he writes check for 2420

    his balance is $2060 and then he gets his 90.
    new balance is 2150. If he doesnt spend $151 he will be eneligible for the current month.The rule is : yes, the va check, when left in the acount indefinately will biuldup and be counted as an asset

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