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    Hello Everyone,

    One more newbie here just starting to navigate the process on behalf of my 86 year-old widowed father.

    Dad served in the Army Stateside for two years during the Korea Conflict.
    In May 2015 he was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer. He is now post-surgery and six-week hospital/rehab stay,
    followed by three weeks' radiation/chemo. Requires 24/7 home care to perform basic daily functions and to ambulate
    (always a fall risk due to the tumor, its treatment, and previous diabetic foot fracture/neuropathy condition.)

    Cost of home care alone has already placed Dad's finances in monthly deficit. Only income/asset is SS and very small non-interest bearing checking acct (about $10K and falling fast due to home care plus Medicare and prescription drug ins. premiums, and other monthly medical/medication expenses).

    Resides with Significant Other in her home (together for 25 yrs.) She would like him to continue to be cared for in her home
    rather than in a nursing home. His long-term prognosis is poor.

    Time being of the essence I'm trying to submit a FDC and to do it right the first time. Kindly bear with me as I ask some very basic

    In general is it recommended to leave no field untouched-that is, to write Not Applicable (N/A) if an item does not apply?

    Specific questions about Physician Statement:

    Item 5: Claim Number
    -- Never filed before-don't yet have a claim number. Should I leave blank or answer: No Claim Number?

    Item 26: Meds Management
    -- When answering Yes to need for medication management, does the VA want to see a copy of current meds list?

    Specific questions about supporting docs for Form 21-527EZ:

    Section I:
    Item 10: VA Med Ctr & Treatment Dates

    -- He was never treated at the VA, only in our local hospital system. What hospital records do I need to show: An encyclopedia's worth? Or just a Dx and main treatments summary & discharge plan? What is the most expedient process to obtain?

    Section IV: Marital Status

    -- My mother died in 1990 and Dad is not claiming her final expenses (mainly because receipts gone long ago). Do I still
    need to obtain certified copies of her birth & death and their marriage certificates?

    -- Do I need to obtain certified copy of his birth certificate, even though I have original certified copy of his DD-214 record
    stating his DOB and US citizenship?

    Section X: Medical/Legal/Unreimbursed Expenses

    -- Most of this section doesn't seem to apply to us except for Dad's Medicare premium deduction. Should we additionally submit
    a VA Countable Income Worksheet to show actual monthly expenses (home care aide, Medigap premium, prescription drug plan
    premium, stairlift rental, etc.)? Or is there a separate, VA-generated form we should use instead?

    -- Similarly, where should we show one-off expenses directly related to date of illness/disability (durable medical goods
    such as stairlift install, shower bars, shower seat, walker, commode, medical lift recliner chair, etc.)?

    -- Regarding these monthly and one-off expenses, what exact proof does the VA want to see: Copies of vendor receipts, and/or
    cancelled checks OK? Monthly ins premium invoices? Is one month's worth of paperwork sufficient?

    Think that covers it for now. Blessings to all and any advice most sincerely appreciated!
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    You don't put a claim number. Leave blank the VA will assign that.

    N/A for what does not apply

    Just get an invoice from the company coming in and providing his care.

    Your Dad is filing strictly as a single vet, so don't need the info on your Mom.

    No on his birth certificate. Just send a certified copy of his Discharge Papers.

    One time expenses don't really factor in. What they VA is looking at is what he pays monthly for his care.

    Just have the VA 21-2680 Phy's Statement.

    Good Luck with the process.
  3. sdpt

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    Thank you so much for the info-really appreciate it. Will keep the forum posted on our progress.
  4. vetadmin

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    You're welcome, and look forward to a positive update in the near future.

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