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    I have filed for A & A for my uncle, he is 88 and is in asisted living. We filed 02/15/08. I sumbmitted everything the VA requested, Dr. statements, facility statements, hospital records etc. I knew he qualified under VA guidelines, his service record, income restictions, health complications and so on. Every document I sent to VA was certified and expedited. I have made copies of all correspondance to VA. We have just learned 03/31/08 my uncle was awarded an entitlement of $1,554.00/Mo. They are witholding funds untill a fiduciary has been appointed. My father has Power of Attorney and we just sent a letter to the VA which requested that my father remain as financial executor. My uncle signed that letter and we included a certified copy of the Power of Attorney. Now we just wait for an appointment set up for a meeting with a VA rep. We have included in that letter a delay of benefits would put undue financial hardship on my uncle and request payments during the fiduciary appointment process. We shall see. This process is very difficult for veterans and families who especially are not familiar how the VA system operates. I feel lucky and fortunate I was able to help my uncle and father file for A & A.
    Now we just wait.......

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