A&A Expenses Room and Board in Lieu of Paid Family Care

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    Hi All:

    I'm a newbie. This forum is awesome so glad it is here. With the assistance of a county Veterans Service Representative I have started the full pension/A&A application for my dad (vet -83- post 4 way bypass/2 major strokes and end stage renal dx/dialysis 3x per week) and mom (81-Alzheimer's dx). I am now in the gathering expenses and income stage.

    Dad and mom were both healthy and living independently until the day they weren't about 18 months ago. Since then they have both suffered multiple major health events requiring my brother to live with them to help with the daily living issues and keep an eye on them. My brother works full time so he is there when not working. I live 5 hours away but during the health events when they needed post acute and rehab full time care I have been going there to help for weeks at a time.

    The representative was very helpful and showed a lot of compassion for our situation but she was a little vague when I asked about my brother's room and board in lieu of paid family care. She said just place a value on it (?). So specifically I told her that my brother does not pay any room and board for living there (that is the way dad and mom want it) and when I travel there dad pays for my gas and other vehicle expenses that have come up. I have made 12 round trips over the last 18 months.

    Dad has managed to get mom up and fed when my brother or I cannot be there but his health is suffering immensely from it. Just had a hernia surgery from the heavy lifting. We have been imping along this way but cannot continue. Full time care is imminent and they just don't have the funds to cover it.

    Question is how do we legitimately document this room/board and gas/auto expense in lieu of caregiver payment. Dad always gives me cash so there is no check to detail this. I hope this question makes sense. Any help will be much appreciated.
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    Your parents would have to be paying him or someone else to act in a care giving capacity in order to have an expense for care, making them eligible for this benefit. The purpose of A&A is so that those who would not be able to afford proper care and services without this benefit, would not do without.

    It needs to be a set amount of money each month they are paying, and it does not get broken down as room and board. It is a set fee for care that is being provided.

    The travel for you is not an allowable expenses.

    They cannot pay in cash. It needs to be paid by check so there is a paper record of expenditures.

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