A&A benefits for widow of Korean War Vet

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    My mom suffered a stroke 5 years ago and is home and wheel chair bound. My father (the Vet) passed away in 2013. My brother moved in with her so she could stay in the home she owns but he works during the day. She has a care giver that comes in daily and sometimes weekends, but her monthly social security and pension check barely cover the costs. I'm her daughter. I have POA, and I'm doing the paperwork on her behalf - although, she is still moderately competent and able to sign documents.

    Concerning form 21-534...
    1. My parents never applied for VA benefits, and I'm confused about the various levels of benefits. Does this form apply for a VA pension, and block 31 ask for the additional benefit of A&A?
    2. Section IX, do I put her caregiver costs here? If yes, can someone post a sample of the typical expenses. So far I think I should put down her Medicare, Prescription Costs, Medical Insurance Premiums, my Fathers Burial Expense, and Caregiver.
    3. Section VIII; my moms 2014 social security amount before deductions is X. Medicare deduction is Y. She has no other deductions and what she receives is X-Y. Do I put the monthly amount before deductions in block 38a, or do I put what she takes home?

    These are just starter questions, I'm sure I'll have more. Btw, I have gathered nearly all the required documents, but had to send away for my fathers dd214, since I only have his discharge certificate dd256A. I also need to get her doctor to fill out the physician statement.

    Thanks in advance!
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