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    Many thanks to this site and the folks who responded to my various inquiries.

    In early November of 2017 I opted not to pay a third party to submit my father-in-laws A&A application and decided to go it alone with the help of this site. Per a suggestion on this site I gathered all the required documentation, bound it all together in a three ring binder and wrote a cover letter explaining exactly what was included in the packet. I sent it certified mail return receipt.

    Enclosed is an application for Compensation and/or Accrued Benefits -VA Form 21P-527EZ.

    I am assisting my father in the filing of this application. He is 87 years old and living on a limited income of social security. He requires the regular aid of another person in order to perform personal functions required in everyday living.

    The following forms and paperwork are included with this application to support the request for
    the VA Benefit:

    1. VA Form 21P-527EZ -Application for Compensation and Accrued Benefits
    2. VA Form 21-0845 - Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to my son
    3. VA Form 21-2680 -Physician Statement for Applicant
    4. DD-214 Military Records for Applicant
    5. Social Security Benefit letter 2017 for Applicant
    6. Bank Statements for Applicant
    7. Copy of weekly invoice from home health aid

    On November 20th we received a letter acknowledging that they had receive the claim and that they would contact us if they needed additional information

    On January 5th we received a letter requesting additional information. The letter stated they were working on the claim for “PMC-Initial Live Pension”. Different terminology from what I had been referring to it as but basically they wanted more documentation. They stated the application did not provide complete income information. Not sure why they thought this but there was nothing more we could provide other than a more current SS Benefit letter and I stated such on the 21-4138. They also wanted more information regarding caregiver fees. At the time of the application we only had a few weeks of bills but by January we had a few months of bills. I also requested the caregiver provide me with a letter specifying what services they were providing, to whom, how often and at what cost.

    On January 16th we receive a letter stating they were still processing the application for “PENSION” and apologizing for the delay.

    On January 22nd I again bound all the additional information in a three ring binder and wrote another cover letter explaining exactly what was included in the packet. I sent it certified mail return receipt.

    Enclosed please find the additional evidence you requested in your letter dated January 5th 2018.

    In addition, my fathers mailing address has changed since his claim was first submitted so I am
    including additional documentation to facilitate that change.

    1. VA Form 21-4138–Statement in Support of Claim
    2. VA Form 21-0845 -Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to my son
    3. VA Form 20-572–Request for Change of Address/Cancellation of Direct Deposit
    4. VCAA Notice Response – signed per your request
    5. Social Security Benefit letter 2018 or Applicant
    6. Copy of additional weekly invoicesfrom home health aide
    7. Caregiver Statement provided by home health aide

    In early February we called the toll-free number on the letter and because we had a 21-0845 on file they were able to speak with us about the application. We were told the file showed they would be making a decision in early March.

    On March 7th a lump sum VA pension amount was deposited into my father-in-laws bank account. We understand this to be his pension retro back to November 2017. We have not yet received a letter confirming such but this certainly looks like approval to us.

    Throughout this process I struggled with the terminology in the many different letters from the VA, all on different letterhead and from different addresses. So many forms. Checking and rechecking to make sure every field was filled in. Calling the VA and repeatedly saying that there was a 21-0845 on file (they seem to always have trouble finding it), My father-in-laws change of address in the midst of the application process did complicate things a bit.

    The approval is bittersweet for us as he is now private pay in a LTC facility as we watch the remainder of his savings dwindle down. If anything this VA pension will help to keep Title 19 at bay for just a little longer.

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