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    Hi everyone! thank you very much for your help and useful tips for seeking Aid & Assistance for my 87 y.o. Mom.

    I started the process in Jan. 2017 when I notified them of the intent to file. They say they received my initial paperwork in May 2017. Mom's claim was denied in July because they said they did not receive the documents needed. Fortunately, I had mailed everything certified and had proof of delivery. On July 17 I called the VA, the lady on the phone "found" the documents and sent a message to "re-open" the claim. On that call, I asked to have all mail sent to me. She indicated that the VA would need at least 10 business days to re-open the claim and that I would be notified of such.

    When I had not heard anything still by November, I called again. They claimed that they couldn't talk to me because the 21-0845 that I had submitted months before was outdated! She faxed me a new one and after a bit of a process (my Mom lives 2.5 hours away from me in ALF), I was able to fax it back to the VA on Dec. 5.

    On Dec. 6, I received the packet (addressed to my Mom but at my address) indicating the incompetency rating. The next day, I received the letter indicating that she had been awarded $1176.00/month!

    Today, I called the VA to ask how to start the Fiduciary appointment process (before I read all the great posts on the Fiduciary forum) and found that they once again couldn't talk to me because they did not have the 21-0845! I had proof that it was received by their fax on 12/5. She indicated that it can take UP TO A MONTH for a fax to make it to the master file. She even apologized for that fact!

    She was able to give me the language to put in the 21-4138 Statement of Support of Claim so that I can have my Mom sign it and we can submit it to start the appointment of me as her fiduciary.

    All the perseverance and hard work has paid off (or at least it should on Jan. 1 when the first check arrives!) so do not give up if they deny you. The VA is a bit inept in how they handle things, but I am thankful that this very important financial assistance is available for our loved ones who served/their spouses.

    Thanks again!
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