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    I first helped my father apply for the A&A pension in April 2011. I was sure he qualified so I followed the instructions and tips from this website. We were asked for more information many times. The month before he was approved, We called the VA, that was quite an experience. The person on the phone had to type everything we said. It took forever and we got no results.
    I then went to one of our U.S. Senator's web site. There was a link to ask for help dealing with any government agency. We sent them a letter and some other information. About a 3 weeks later he received a check for the 2 years back payment and now receive the monthly benefit.
    If he had not received the benefit at that time he would have had to move. The information on this site and the stories I read helped keep me going.
    He is a veteran of WWII.
    Any suggestions of other benefits that are available would be greatly appreciated!
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    So glad that you contacted your Senator. More times that not, this is what it takes when an application has basically fallen through the cracks.

    Very common for the VA to ask several times for things that have already been submitted several times.

    Getting the back award of 2 years has to be a huge relief for you and your Dad, and I am glad the site and forums were helpful to you.
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    Debbie I just read your letter asking us to contact our Senators ans representatives about
    VA’s “AO73” – Proposed Rule – Net Worth, Asset Transfers, and Income Exclusions for Needs-Based Benefits.
    I am going to contact my Senator and representative tomorrow. How awful!!
    Does the VA want to go back 3 years for veterans who are and have been getting aid and attendance or just veterans applying now? Where will they get the manpower for this?
    I understand about the ability to file “informal claims”. If they do away with this it will be a disaster.
    I am in shock!
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    Please, everyone call your state reps!!

    If there are any changes or updates that have to be made to anyone "already" receiving A&A, then it will trigger the 3-year look-back, and if folks did move assets around to qualify, it will not have a happy ending.

    The VA is not going to have a "grandfather" clause included if they get their way.
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    I live in Maine and since Maine is a poor state and has a small population it is easier to get attention from Senators. Maine also has alot of veterans.
    I called Senator Angus King( he likes to go on TV and is sincere ), Susan Collins and the Governor's office. I also emailed and faxed the info. Tomorrow, I will call some more. One reason why this upsets me so is that alot of people in Washington avoided the draft and did everything they could not to serve when we had the draft. They did not serve their country. These are the very first ones to beat war drums!

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