A&A Application for incompetent widow

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tsarro57, Feb 23, 2014.

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    I am beginning the A&A application process for my mom who has severe dementia and also has little use of her hands due to a stroke. She will not be able to sign any of these forms, let alone understand them. So what do I do to start the process?

    In the FAQs I read that the VA must rule that she needs a fiduciary, and THEN the 21-4138 should be filed.

    So what is the process to get the fiduciary ruling?
    In this case, how do I start the clock on the application process, as a 21-4138 would normally do?

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    If you look at the FAQ section on the site, it will give you the verbiage to do the "informal claim" to start the clock on the application.

    You do not address the Fiduciary issue until the VA makes a ruling of incompetency.

    If she is unable to sign her name, you can have her make a thumbprint and have it witnessed by two individuals. She has to either sign or do a thumbprint on all the paperwork.

    You will want to to include VA form 21-0845 Approved 3rd Party indicating that you are that person. She has to sign or thumbprint and your name would be listed as the person she is approving.

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