A&A and Prescriptions for WWII vet

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  1. Thanks in large part to this community, my mom and I finally got A&A for my Grandfather, a WWII vet. Unfortunately, even with this help, his required 24/7 care burns through more money than his VA and government pensions provide. He's about out of money.

    So we're looking at the budget. He spends over $300/mo (after insurance I believe) on prescriptions. I've gone on a few sites, including http://www.va.gov/HEALTHBENEFITS/access/prescriptions.asp, looking for information on this. It sounds like these would be the first two steps:

    • Enroll him in VA health benefits
    • Get a Primary Care Provider assigned to him

    Does this sound right? If he has A&A with special wartime pension, does that change how we go about securing his health benefits?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    We are sorry to say, but this topic does not fall in our area of expertise.

    You would need to contact the VA directly to inquire about what process you would need to go through to put that in place.

    We are glad to know that the site and the forums were helpful to you in getting through the application process.

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