A&A + 1st VA Primary Care Visit = Fiduciary?

Discussion in 'Veteran Application' started by k2, Mar 28, 2016.

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    I've scheduled an introductory appointment with the local VA Hospital for my 92 year old veteran Dad, a stroke survivor who receives a modest (but critical) monthly A&A check. I'm beginning to wonder if this was a big mistake because the doctor will likely report his vascular dementia which may trigger the fiduciary process.

    A few years ago, my parents trusted an LPN with an unhealthy self interest who left them with more life than money (including a big tax debt for home care). Then they appointed me as their POA. In an effort to make ends meet, I scheduled this appointment so that we can start redirecting money for his Rx, OTC, and DME to the tax debt.

    Does anyone know if they disqualify a candidate for fiduciary if they're still in the midst of resolving a mess? Do they disregard candidates who are unable to travel to the veteran's home?

    Scarier yet... could they begin withholding benefits until the issue of a fiduciary is resolved?

    Keep your fingers crossed for us, please?
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    If the person asking to be appointed as Fiduciary has filed bankruptcy or been convicted of a felony, they would not be deemed a suitable individual to be appointed.

    Not being able to travel to the applicant's home is not a factor.

    If your Dad has dementia, then yes, they are going to require a Fiduciary be appointed.
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    Thanks for the quick response!!!
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    You're welcome.

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