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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brother Care, Oct 20, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum & military benefits. What I'm learning is very unsettling, as I feel veterans should be able to get pension regardless of assets.
    I am assisting an elderly relative who is going into nursing home/assisted living care facility. He was in Coast Guard July 29, 1942-Sept 26, 1945. He has discharge papers & local county VA Service Office Officer says his service # is not correct & he is not in their data bank. His service # is 6 digits & I'm told they must be 9 #s. Also, it's not certain Coast Guard are eligible for A&A as they were new branch & not in combat. I've gotten copies of his NOTICE OF SEPERATION from the National Archives in St. Louis. A letter was attached stating document has seal for proof of it's authenticity. Had a hassle telling officers at VA Service office understanding the seal as they said I had to get it certified by county clerk. the seperation papers say "U.S. NAVAL SERVICE-COAST GUARD" AND UNDER REMARKS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE 'U.S. COAST GUARD RESERVE" is noted. It states he's also entitled to Good Conduct Ribbon. Also says "Seperation by reason of eligibility under point system". He was at the Port Anansas Light House for aprx. 7 months in 1945. He lived in light house. I remember visiting he & wife there as a child. My elder care attorney & VA Service office & myself are all confused. Does anyone know if veterans who served during this time frame in the Coast Guard are eligible for A&A. I realize assets enter the picture, but I'm wanting to find out if he is eligible to be considered for pension without consideration of assets. It's a shame that those who tried to think ahead to the future & have accumulated a few assets are penalized for being frugal. Is there anyone who has the correct answer to this? I'm grateful for all help.
  2. Here, it is mentioned in a Coast Guard newsletter, on the Coast Guard website. I am sorry those people are being ridiculous!

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    My Dad served in the Coast Guard from 1942 to 1945. He is receiving the full Aid and Attendance pension. Hope this helps.
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    Coast Guard service does indeed qualify.

    I can appreicate your feelings regarding assets, but keep in mind that this pension is intended for those who otherwise be unable to afford proper care and services.

    If he is over the asset limit at this time, you can always apply in the future as his assets spend down. If this is the case, you should file when he is 6-8 months out from meeting the requirements.

    You can refer to the Tips and Resouce tab here on the forums for the "Countable Income formula to help you arrive at where he is now.
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    Military personnel can receive a pension regardless of assets. This is military retired pay administered by DFAS. The VA benefit is a needs based program that is closer to welfare or SSI than it is a retirement benefit. It is essentially two different options. To get military retired pay, you need to serve a minimum of 20 years.
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    Thank each of you for taking the time to reply! I'm learning so much!
    Brother Care sister

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