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    I just received notification that my mother would receive full benefits for A & A for spouse of deceased veteran. She is currently in assisted living and has been there for just over a year. I do have to be appointed as fiduciary. During the long wait for approval, we were finally able to see her house. The closing date was April 1, 2013 and her approval letter is stamped April 30th. Her total assets with her sale proceeds still are just under $80,000. According to her letter, I need to contact the V.A. and tell them her net worth has changed. Will they count the proceeds as part of her assets or as $60,000 worth of income for the year and suspend payments. The first monthly payment to her account is to be June 1st. The only other income is her SS and $450 yearly from a health savings account.
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    You do need to let them know the house has sold and what she profited from the sale. Yes, they will recalculate, and without knowing what her total financial picture is or what her monthly care expenses are, there is no way to know if the VA will say at this time she exceeds income limits. If she does, you can go back once she spends down to where they would allow they pension to resume.

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