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    I started the process aids & attendence in March. My father served in world war 2 and he just turned 99 years old. Well after getting all the documents signed and returned to the Va office I was advise 3-6 mos, so i decided to contact the VA that the paperwork was never receive, I was irritated. So the rep said they didn't have his record, although everything was given to the VA, because the representative faxed the record over, so of course i emailed him a copy. And he said he will send it right over. I tell him also they have the paperwork as august, amd he saif it was submitted back on april 9th, so i said you need to advise them so he will get the retroactive pay. And I was advtised he will handle after the fiduciary comes out. But it shouldn't never gotten to this.

    Now this is august and nothing, now my dad is in dire need, so I wait and now September come and I get approval for $90, how can a person get in a assisted living with 90.00. So I go back to the VA, and my rep says well hes in a nursing home, ans i tell them he was in a rehab facility for two month and released to his home on May 5th, so i give a copy to the rep showing his discharge and he contacts the headquarters and they tell him to issue a new homecare expense, which will allow him to get the full amount. So no word yet and.I get a letter stating bevause pf his health they need a fudiciary, so we do another form atating ill be the fudiciary , and to rush it because of his age. And so i decides ro call the headquarters myself just to see qhwre they are with it and they tell me thwy nwver fot a home care expense for my dad, so im in teard because my dad is on social security and and I cant keep taking off work to help my dad. I find that this has been a horrible process and to get $90 and I've seen no expedite at all. i contacted the american lefion for help, amd was told they have him living in a nursing home that's qhy his award was low, even though i gave all the paperwor to veteran affairs. So now I uave the american Legion trying to help , e as well. Its amazing, you fight for your country and it takes this to get help. And im just so dissatisfied
  2. I am sooooooo sorry - I hope that at some point you will be able to resolve this - maybe Deb has some words of wisdom. Blessings and prayers.
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    You need to call Dad's Senator first thing Monday morning and get them to do an official inquiry on the status of his application. You need to explain the VA has gotten it wrong from the very get-go, and that this is not only due expediting, but it falls under "financial hardship". Dealing with American Legion is not going to get this resolved for you or your Dad!
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    Thank you so much for the information. Ive contacted my Senators office and they will contact theVA office in my father's behalf. I really do hope, that they can get the assistance my dad needs. Its been a long road, i hope they get it together.
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    Good luck, and less us know how things go.
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    Has your Senator helped at all? We have been to everyone including our Representative. All have a different story. All say each other is wrong. No consensus, no movement, not action at all. I pray you are getting better results than we have.
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    Yes it has. Because of everyone support and information i was able to get my dad what he deserve which is the full amount for aid & attendence which will be effective jan 1st. Im not sure who pushed it through but to cover all my bases i had the amer7can legion, my State Senator to assist me and now my father can get the care he deserves. The only thing is retroactive, and thats what im working towards. Because this process began in march and there stating September l i will tell anyone, your family memeber fought for this country and they deserve to be reated with dignity, because they showed so much courage to go to war for us. So please if you have the money to get an attorney then do so,I didnt and I talked to anyone who would listen to get help, so i say dont give up, no matter how frustrated you get, you love one deserves it. Now just waiting on the fudiciary process in hope that is soon. Thanks to everyone who read and had empathy and pray for my good results. Thank you. :)

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