65 + Medicaid = A&A ?????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Drew43920, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Drew43920

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    Am I right in assuming that all Veterans that are 65 years old and on Medicaid qualify for Aid & Attendance .

  2. jpez

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    Being over 65 deems you 100% disabled for Non-service related disability Pension.
    THEN, you have to have a doctor letter stating that you can't drive to qualify for HOMEBOUND rating
    OR you have to have a doctor letter stating that you need assistance to qualify for AID & ATTENDANCE rating
    THEN, based on the net income after CARE costs, you would recieve an award ($$$).

    Being on Medicaid implies that you have very low assets.
    But on the income side, you still could have net income left over that would keep you from recieving the full award. Also, since I do know that you are in a nursing home, you would only recieve $90 total, if Medicaid is paying the Nursing home costs.
  3. Drew43920

    Drew43920 Newbie

    Thank you jpez

    Is jpez a nickname ?


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