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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by Fillise, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Called the VA yesterday and after waiting for more than 40 minutes, talked to a CSR. Was told my father's claim was still in development and that they were awaiting the information they requested. When I pointed out that the information was sent weeks ago, he looked further and saw the new documents and said it had gone back into the queue for processing. The CSR didn't know anything about the visit my father recieved from a VA field agent. Apparently there is nothing in his claim file yet. Sigh.

    So I immediately wrote my father's Congressman a letter and asked him to follow up on his earlier inquiry. I'm hoping that will get some action since the initial inquiry in April produced the first movement we've seen on his case since we filed the claim in June 2011.

    I have no hope this claim will ever be processed.
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    I empathize with you. I have a similar experience with my mother, 96 and a vet spouse. Her claim took 11 months. It would still be in development, I am certain, except for the fact that I did reach the end of my proverbial rope and tapped her local congressman. I really had no expectations. She was approved 11 days later, specifically because of the congressman's intervention.

    I strongly urge anyone experiencing these delays, and who isn't? to reach out to their congressman. Apparently it works, until everyone reaches out, that is.
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    Contact Senator Burr, but think you do need to be prepared for a push back from the VA due to where he is living. If that happens you need to contact Sen Burr again and let him know what happened and how your Dad got into this situation with the property he is at.
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    I will. I have many, many thoughts. In large measure I think a point you keep making is important. The VA ITSELF does not communicate about Aid and Attendance at all and so the requirements are so nebulous that no one, including apparently, the VA VSRs know how to apply the standards consistently. There are people in his facility receiving this benefit. His doctor has certified truthfully that he needs to be in a protective environment and his meals provided for him. He also has medication and dressing assistance from on-premises caregivers. He has significant COPD and becomes breathless when he does not anything. He has a 24 hour call button that he has had occasion to use. I know you don't have any control over this and I understand the problems with the tactics of some of these facilities, but based on my research at the time we applied over a year ago, it seemed as if these things should qualify. We were not counseled to move money nor did we. We reported everything straight up and provided documentation. If the VA changes the way it is applying the standards they need to communicate that and stop stringing thee elderly veterans along. The fact that the VA hasn't bothered to communicate the A&A standards clearly is first and foremost on them and has created the situation that people like my fatherfind themselves in.
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    I understand your frustration, but more to the point is what Holiday has done. They are responsible for the toppling of this pension and for the purposed 3-year look back in response to the high number of complaints on denials.

    For many who get the pension at independent properties, there is the issue when the VA sends out the 1st annual EVR. The veteran or widow completes it truthfully, and then the VA comes back stopping the pension and demanding full payment in all the money that was paid out. The vet now owes some $20K back to the VA, does not have the pension to pay for care, and can't afford to stay at the property.

    I hope that those who are already receiving the pension at this property does not end up with this story, and hope Sen Burr will be helpful in getting to the end of this for you and your Dad.

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