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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hangarwidow, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hangarwidow

    Hangarwidow Newbie

    I am new to this site, so pardon me if I dont have all the right lingo down. I applied for my fathers A&A benefit in Oct. 2010. The original application was denied because his assets were just over the allowable amount, but my VA rep said he is now in the system so this is good. We reapplied in March 2011, didnt take long to spend down the money. As of today, we still do not have an answer and with 24 hour care for him, it is really becoming hard to stretch the money out. He is 81 years old, I was told that only Veterns at age 90 recieve priority. Yesterday, I received a request for a new 4138, which we completed and sent in today....are we closer? I am beyond fustrated. Should I contact my Senator? It just seems to me that this has gone on way to long. Any insight would be greatly apprecaited.
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, you need to ask your senator or congressperson to make an inquiry. There is no excuse to be a year out after submitting new information showing they now meet the financial threshold.

    Yes, veterans 70 or older are entitled to expedited processing and given his advanced age, this should have been someone's priority.

    There is also the issue of creating a financial hardship that can be included.

    Please let us know how things turn out for you.

    Good luck!
  3. JohnLM326

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    My father-n-law will be 86 years old on tomorrow. I did just that. I wrote a letter to my Senator a week ago and they requested information from me and just received a letter today that they sent VA an inquiry letter regarding my father-n-law. I applied in April 2010; received rating in October 2011 and received first check in December 2011. I put a complaint in about his backpay and fuduciary appointment. My Senator is on the ball. Please write your Congress or Senator.
  4. care4vets

    care4vets Newbie

    To the original poster,
    To help those in a similar situation, would it be possible to state what their allowable financial threshold was?
    I know the standard is 80k, but just want to be sure.
    Thanks & good luck!
  5. Hangarwidow

    Hangarwidow Newbie

    Thank you so much, I will write them tomorrow. I was told by my local VA rep that no priority is given until age 90 which I found strange consindering, thats an age that not alot get to. I have 24 hour 7 day a week care for my dad at home. I am fortunate that I have good caring people. Thank you for the information. I will let you know how it goes.
  6. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Will be looking to hear your update. Keep us posted.
  7. Hangarwidow

    Hangarwidow Newbie

    July 12th - Still NOTHING!!!
    I have contacted my congresswoman, which is looking like its as long a wait as the VA. I saw a news article from CBS that the VA is backloged by 565,000 applications!..how can that be. When we started the process, Oct. 2010, my father was quickly denied, my rep had said, that is fine because we needed to spend down the cash he had. Well at $4300 a month for his care (at home plus household epenses) the money has spent down quickly. Filed again March 2011, two weeks after receiving the denial and this is where its been. I have called, and each time I am told the same thing, there are many cases ahead of yours. My Dad is 81 years old and needs care 24/7, the money is going fast, I persoanlly pay for alot of his household costs now in order to perserve his assets. I guess next will be quitting my job to care for him. You know the saying, "If I knew then, what I do now", I would have done things alot different. Hindsite is 20/20
  8. Fillise

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    I feel your pain. We are at day 384 and are still waiting.

    I have been told by several VA CSRs that there is not an age at which claims are expedited, but that if the veteran is running out of money that will allow the claim to be expedited. I would send a letter (return reciept) that documents his financial position and ask that the claim be expedited. Debbie may have more information on this, but this is what I've been told.
  9. Hangarwidow

    Hangarwidow Newbie

    Thank you so much for your response, while it is not good for either of us, at least I know now that I am not alone.
  10. Marp

    Marp Jr. Member

    Did you ever receive confirmation from your congresswoman's staff that they received your letter and contacted the VA?

    If so, and you've received no response, perhaps you need to contact one of your senators and see if they can move any faster.

    Then, at election time, maybe reconsider voting for this congressperson - my congressman's staff sent a letter to the VA less than 24 hours after receiving a request for help from us. I believe the staff is a reflection of the congressperson/senator; my congressman is incredible and his staff seems to be as well. Inefficient or uncaring congressional staffers maybe a sign of an indifferent, inefficient congressperson/senator who needs to be voted out. My congressman is a first term congressman so I didn't expect anything to move smoothly, but it did (except for silly pushback from the VA which did come to an end). I believe his work ethic is reflected in his staff.

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