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  1. Fillise

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    I INFALLY got through to the VA this afternoon after a month of trying. It was a wasted endeavor. I was told by someone who sounded like he couldn't care less, that my father's application was in the development stage which should take 139 days. When I pointed out that it has been 257 days since the claim was submitted I was told that they were behind and there was nothing that could be done. I asked if the application could be expedited and was told no. I don't understand how people are getting their claims processed so quickly. We submitted all of the paperwork, doctor's statement, financial documents, etc. This is unacceptable.

    My question is this, we have a 21-0845 on file giving the VA permission to speak with me about my father's case. If I ask his congressional representative to look into it he has to file a notice granting the VA permission to speak to someone from their office. Since there can only be 1 designee at a time, do I lose the ability to speak to the VA?
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    You need to contact the senator or congressperson in your Dad's state tomorrow morning and ask for them to make an inquiry on your Dad's behalf due to being over a year with no decision.

    What this VA person told you is total BS, and given your Dad's age if over 70, yes, he is entitled to expedited processing. These flippant remarks by VA employees infuriates me! They should have taken the time to look at it given the timeframe instead of offerring up the "standard" excuse.

    Yes, please call tomorrow!

    Keep us posted on how that goes for you.
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    I don't know if this helps, but I checked my congressman's website (awesome congressman, by the way!) and he has an e-mail form that he has people fill out when they request assistance with the VA or other government agencies:


    Looks like maybe the 21-0845 isn't necessary for a Congressional inquiry?
  4. vetadmin

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    The 21-0845 is not necessary for a congressional inquiry.
  5. jabney8

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    We're at 180 days and ours is also in the "development" stage. The phone personnel can't really tell you what that means other than the one I spoke with today indicated that she couldn't undertand why there had been "no movement" on it. That pretty much says that the "Development" stage is nothing more then sitting on a desk somewhere. In any case, I admire your tenacity! In our case, we were most concerned with keeping our mother in her current living facility because all they deal with are memory care cases. However, we will be moving her at the end of the month because her costs will increase and we are at our limit as far as the amount of supplemental assistance we can offer. At this point it no longer matters what VA decides to do. I wish you well in your pursuit and hope to see an update indicating you beat the odds.
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    So sorry to hear that you have to move your mom Jabney8. I know you have a had a long road.
    It is too bad the veteran income did not come in time to prevent that upheaval for her.
    I hope she is able to settle into the new place. We will begin the process this month for my husband.
    Good luck with the move. Vetwife
  7. vetadmin

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    Keep in mind that if you are taking her home with you or another family member, she can still qualify. She can pay a family member to act as her caregiver. You may want to re-think not seeing this through in the event things should change and you have no other option but to put her somewhere or require services coming in. If she is receiving the pension at least you will have those funds to help offset costs.

    You should also have her Senator or Congressperson make an inquiry. If there has been no activity on the file in the past 30 days, it has fallent through a crack and an inquiry could easily resolve that for you.
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    Boy do I hear you! We started the application for my Dad back in June 2011. We were told to expect a reply asking for more info 100% of the time. Really? Can't they ask for what they want the first time? Well, we got the request for more info, and then another request for more info. And then, after about 4 months, we got a total reject. Reason? We did NOT include all the needed info! Told us our claim was rejected and we had to start over. Well, we started over. Got the obligatory request for more info. Now they say the Physician's Assistant who signed the physical form is not good - they want the doctor's signature. Really???? They couldn't ask for this the first time they asked for more info???? This is ridiculous. One more stupid request and I am submitting a congressional complaint.
  9. vetadmin

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    You should not have needed to start completely "all over". With this pension, you don't want to appeal a decision. That buys you a min of 2+ years in the "appeal" process.

    Best thing to do is a VA form 21-4138 Statement In Support of Claim, which allows you to submitt corrected or additional information that you have for them to reconsider. It may be a matter of them not calculating something correctly or any other expense that was not factored in.

    Get the Dr's eval signed by the Dr. and send it back in. Hope you are sending everything Return Receipt for proof of delivery.
  10. gran04

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    We submitted our claim on 4/17/2011 and have not received an answer. We contacted our Senator on Monday, March 5, 2012 and yesterday March 8th the application has moved to the decision phase. If you are waiting this long, do contact your Senator!
  11. vetadmin

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    Good luck with getting this pushed through to a decsion. Probably should have contacted the Senator at 8 months waiting, but hopefully it will all get resolved now.

    Keep us posted on how things go.
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    I filed my Mother's Aid & Attendance application with a gentleman helping me through the process back in Nov. 2010. At the end of March, 2011, they denied it because the VA filed it WRONG under DIC. Also they did not take her expenses into account. We sent in information by May, 2011 and I received a letter stating it was reopened. To date, I have called the VA 17 times (that is a lot of music to listen to while on hold) and have gotten no answer other than it's being looked into. Various forms of this answer. I filed two inquiries, I was called back on one within 10 days and the other still haven't heard from....it's been 33 days now since that one was filed. Mom is 90 years old and her funds are dwindling. Come on people...how long does this take. If it's denied, let me know. The person that is helping me said he can't understand it, she should be approved! I personally think they have lost the information. Such a run around. I have nothing good to say about the VA at this point for this particular issue. I did fill out something for the Senator, nothing happened!
  13. vetadmin

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    You need to contact the Senator or Congressperson of your Mom's state first thing in the morning!!!
    The VA has to respond within 5-7 days of an congressional inquiry.

    This is inexcusable, unacceptable, and should not be tolerated period!

    Please keep us posted.
  14. MiataDriver

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    Thanks for your response. I'll give it a shot! Do they need permission to access my Mom's account?
  15. vetadmin

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  16. jabney8

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    I was searching for something and came across this website in my favorites list. It's been a long time but it took my breath away. My mother died waiting for benefits. She didn't know it ... but I did. She passed in 2013 and I spent the better part of the next year being angry. After licking my wounds I now spend my time working to remove every unresponsive Congressman or Senator from office. It's somewhat therapeutic but as I follow the disgrace we call the VA and the way they treat our Vets I consider myself and my mother somewhat lucky. This site served as a source of hope and support to me during a very difficult time. While her benefits never came through, she never did without and I have come to appreciate that she was never subjected to the treatment the VA has become known for.
  17. Kaylin

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    Thank you for sharing your story with us all. My deepest sympathies about your mother. Debbie went through similar times with her mother and I know there are many people out there who I'm sure can also relate. Great job on your efforts to help reform some of the not-so-great aspects of the VA!

    Thank you so much, jabney8.
  18. vetadmin

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    That breaks my heart for you.

    There really is no excuse for the failings of the VA, and as we are soon to celebrate Veteran's Day, maybe one day we can celebrate the VA doing their job effectively, efficiently, and honoring the sacrifice of service

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