21-534 EZ Section X: Date Paid

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    Basically I am talking about "the amount of any continuing family medical expenses such as the monthly Medicare deduction and nursing home costs you pay" as per the instructions.
    I've listed these monthly amounts: the Medicare Deduction, the Medicare Supplemental Insurance deduction and the assisted living expense. The form asks to indicate "Date Paid (mm/dd/yyyy)".

    The Medicare amount is constant and I input the 2015 monthly amount. What do I indicate as Date Paid?

    The Medicare Supplemental amount actually is one the same value for Jan-March and then decreases by $6 for the remaining months. I'm inclined to just indicate that lower amount. I'm assuming the answer to the question 'what do I indicate as date paid?" would be the same as the answer to the Medicare Date Paid above?

    The Assisted Living started a few days into this month and the month was prorated. This they can also see on the Statement of Occupancy. And if I put in that prorated amount they'll probably incorrectly assume it's the entire monthly amount.

    What do they want for Date Paid on each of these ? I'd like to indicate "monthly" but looks like they want a date.

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    On the ALF, put the regular monthly amount without the pro-rated for this month.

    On the others, put the date paid. The VA should know these are monthly expenses.

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