2 year wait only to be told Mom qualifies only for funeral expenses?

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    I filed all of the paperwork and submitted to the VA over 3 years ago. My Father was the Vet and Mother surviving spouse. AFter my Fathers death, Mom had to go to an Alzheimers Care Unit. I filed for A&A. My Mother died while still waiting for a decision from the VA. It has been almost 2 years since Mom died and I finally contacted my local congressman's office for help. It has become a matter of principle to fight for what Mom was entitled to. Today we were finally told that the VA would only pay for my Mother's funeral expenses. This is the explanation I received from the congressman's office:

    Accrued benefits being awarded to a family member or the estate can only be reimbursements of “last expenses”.

    If the Accrued Benefits were going to a “surviving spouse”, the full amount of the benefit including all Aid and Attendance would be awarded.

    In your case, the recipient of the Accrued Benefits is the family member or the estate. Had your mother been alive and filed an application for accrued benefits for benefits that her deceased spouse was waiting on, she would have received the full amount that was approved regardless of what the last expenses were.

    It just seems to me that this encourages the VA to not process claims and just wait until the person dies? Has anyone else had this experience and is it really the way it is handled?
    Thank for any help on this confusing response,
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    Sorry to say, but yes, this is how it is handled. In addition, you only have 1 year to file against accrued monies "if" you personally were out of pocket for paying for her care, and have receipts to validate it.

    The VA is encourage to do all kinds of things to delay, deny.

    I'm sorry that you faced this battle.
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    that's utter bullshit and you should be ashamed for continuing to spread rumors like that.
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    I will have take exception to your BS statement, as the destroying of applications, documents either through finding their way to a dumpster or a shredder is well known. Back dating applications that sat in a file cabinet for 2 years without being processed, the repeated request for documents that had already been submitted, the refusal to implement a one-page form for when the vet dies, and the widow is now forced to complete a brand new application as the surviving spouse providing all the same documents that are already a part of the veterans' file and wait another 10-12 months.

    The list really goes on and on, and we won't even go into the bonus incentives, or the scandals that plague the VA with wait times.

    Yes, it's deliberate, and no, I am not ashamed for saying it, after all the VA has sat silent about this pension for 64 years, and now wants to impose a 3-year look back on this pension.

    How about all our low income vets who are 65 and served in an approved period of war, and have no clue they are entitled to "Basic" pension and to be brought up to that income level, or our homeless vets who have no clue they could have a winter coat, hat, gloves, knowing they would eat every day, and while it wouldn't be the Ritz, somewhere to sleep besides the cement.

    Is this all just coincidence or perhaps deliberate?

    How is possible that the VA can take months upon months to process a simple application delaying award, but the moment a veteran or widow dies, they have the ability to zero in and take funds out of a bank account in only a matter of days.

    Why the refusal to recognize POA, when the veteran or widow assigned someone of their choosing to oversee their financial and medical concerns? It can take up to a year given the limited amount of Field Agents to even get the appointment to appoint a Fiduciary, while all the money just sits there, unless of course the applicant passes, and the VA grabs the money, and does not inform anyone of the ability to file a 21-601 for reimbursement for out of pocket expenses.

    What is BS, is the battle that veterans face, and how the "burden of proof" is always placed on them.
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    AMEN. I am experiencing the same BS from the VA. It took me months to gather all the documents for my Father (vet) and Mother who were both in nursing homes. I received the award for both and within 6 days of my Father's death the VA stopped the A&A benefit and I have to refile the same documents that the VA already has. And to top it off my Mother who is 91 and has Alzeimers as her diagnosis from two years ago has to resubmit anther Doctor's report. Everybody knows that Alzeimer's patients never recover and the disease just gets worse.

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