18 years and still waiting

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    Yes you have read right 18 years and a few months have past since I first put in a VA claim. My VA counselor has told me that I should get an attorney since she can do nothing for me. The attorney has informed me that he can not take my case because the VA has not denied any part of my claim, but I have not been approved for anything either. I just got off of the phone with my US Senator representative that told me they can't do a thing to help me and that I need an attorney, and they gave me some phone numbers after I informed them I was told by an attorney that my case is totally provable but he could not take my case and why. Seems like not one person in the VA system and possibly the government is willing to help me out or even take a serious look at my case. What do I do?...Need help!
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    Send an email to Denver Combs at benefits4vets@cs.com and ask to schedule a call with him. He is not an attorney, but I don't think you need one. He is however someone who can help if you have an avenue to explore.

    Mention to Denver in your email that Debbie Burak suggested you contact him over your application.

    Good Luck to you on this.

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