100% service connected, now wife is sick too

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    I am 100% service connected disabled, now on Hospice, my wife and I have been in the hospital most of the year on and off and now have a lot of bills to catch up with including electric which we need for medical equipment. I was working with Vets Center but its 25 miles away and now I'm stuck at home. Can both my wife and I get A&A at the same time? How can I arrange for her to get it after I die? We are both in our 50s and live at home. We both need help with most things and a buddy has moved in to take care of him. Someone at the VA hospital said there is a VA benefit to pay him to care for us but we can't find anything. Does anyone know about these things?
    A social worker is helping me, you can contact her at ncurrie@overlookvna if you can't answer my questions here. Thanks. G.
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    A veteran who is 100% service connected disabled, can also get aid and attendance (which is more income per month than a person who is not 100% service connected). You would file the same application form -- stating that you want "pension". Service connected income is called "compensation." Aid and attendance is called "pension."

    If you predecease your wife, she may be able to get Death Indemnity Compensation (DIC) (because you are service connetted and she is your dependent). She should also be able to get aid and attendance as a widow (up to $998 per month).

    Keep in mind, to be eligible for aid and attendance, you must meet the basic financial and service requirements, which are posted on this site.

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