6 Unique Ideas for Grandparents on Valentines Day

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6 Unique Gifts for Grandparents on Valentine's Day; VeteranAid.org

Gift-giving for a grandparent can be tricky. After all, they most likely already have all they need, they purchase what they want when they want it, or they’ve downsized and don’t need more “stuff” filling up their new accommodations. So how do you make sure they feel extra-special on Valentine’s Day and really feel the Read More »

Resources and Support for Caregivers of Veterans

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Recent studies show that caregivers of veterans – while similar in many ways to those caring for the aging or someone with a chronic illness – actually face many additional challenges and experience a longer-term, more encompassing life-change when becoming a caregiver. For example: 30% of caregivers of veterans have been caring for a loved Read More »

6 Easy Ways to Honor Our Veterans

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6 Easy Ways to Honor a Veteran; VeteranAid.org

There are many times throughout the year that we may feel compelled to thank a veteran for his or her service. For example, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day always attract a flurry of activity; the 4th of July is another holiday that often reminds us to consider the sacrifices of servicemen and women. So how Read More »

How to Apply for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit

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How to Apply for Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit; VeteranAid.org

VeteranAid.org was created to be an educational and supportive website for veterans and families looking for the Aid and Attendance benefit. This infographic was recently created to share with veterans and their family members so awareness can be spread about this little known veterans pension benefit. Please share this image with your friends, family, on Read More »

7 Ways to Help a Veteran During the Holidays

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7 Ways to Help Veterans During the Holidays; VeteranAid.org

While the holidays for many can be a time for family, festivities, and happy memories, for veterans it can be a particularly trying time. Older veterans may be spending the holidays in a nursing home or have few family members or friends remembering them during the season. Younger veterans may be recovering from an injury Read More »

Travel Deals for Retired Military and Selected Veterans

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Travel Deals for Retired Military and Selected Veterans; VeteranAid.org

A lot of us dream of travel after retirement but most of us don’t follow through. A 2011 poll of retirees found that 2/3 traveled less or the same amount as they did before retirement, in part due to the cost involved. There are plenty of resources for frugal travelers, but there are a few Read More »

Senior Benefits for Veterans’ Spouses

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Getting by can be hard as you age. You thought you’d set plenty away for retirement, but there are more expenses than you’d expected, and health care seems to eat up more of your budget every year. It can get pretty disheartening. If you’re struggling to cover all the costs of life as you age, Read More »

How to Afford Assisted Living

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The costs of senior care can be staggering. But when you need it, you need it. A move to assisted living rarely feels optional. Most people would prefer to stay in their homes if given the option, but as the needs of a senior increase and the burden put on caregivers becomes unsustainable, you have Read More »

3 Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandchildren

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3 Fun Activities to do with your Grandkids; VeteranAid.org

It’s been said that being a grandparent allows you all the good parts of parenting – the love, the snuggles, the smiles – without the more unsavory parts – the disciplining, the late nights, and the constant monitoring. After all, you’ve paid your dues in the trenches of parenthood; now is the time to relax, Read More »

6 Great Veteran-Focused Charities to Support

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6 Veteran Charities to Support; VeteranAid.org

If you’re looking for reputable, veteran-focused charities to support, a great starting place is an online watchdog organization like Charitywatch.org. This site audits charities from a wide range of interests and causes, then rates them based on criteria such as the percentage of funds raised going directly to charity, transparency of records, governance benchmarks, and Read More »