States with the Most and Fewest Members of the Military

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The United States military is – based on statics like military spending, manpower, and number of aircraft carriers and nuclear warheads – arguably the number one fighting force in the world. Along with these statistical comparisons, the US. military maintains an impressive 800 bases in 150  countries around the globe, many of which establish “little Read More »

How to Buy a Military Surplus Vehicle

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Whether you’re looking to drive your favorite vehicle from your time in the service, have always wanted to own a tough and rough ride from a military movie, or just interested in a really great deal on super-rugged vehicles, shopping military surplus might be your ideal solution. Just like any company, the U.S. government is Read More »

Veteran Benefits and Resources in New York

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For the more than 863,000 veterans living in New York State and their families, their service in the U.S. military has earned them a long list of benefits and services, from financial to educational and recreational, and offering helpful benefits into their senior years. It can be daunting knowing how to initially access these benefits, Read More »

5 Largest U.S. Military Aircraft

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It’s mind-boggling to realize that less than 60 years after the first successful flight of a powered aircraft at Kitty Hawk field, Unite States pilots would be able to transport an exponentially increased amount of cargo and equipment across long distances, even refueling mid-air. The use of massive, powerful aircraft undoubtedly changed the course of Read More »


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The United States Armed Forces prides itself on having the world’s most elite Military Health System (MHS), both on and off the battlefield. As such, they know that this means more than just combat medicine, but ensuring that active duty members, veterans, and their dependents can receive high-quality medical care, at affordable rates, anywhere in Read More »

Veteran Benefits in New Mexico

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More than 170,000 veterans call the Land of Enchantment Home, and the state offers numerous benefits to veterans and their families as a sign of gratitude for their service to the nation. If you’re just getting started learning about your state and national benefits, or need assistance filing or following up on a claim, the Read More »

Veterans Benefits by State

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While the federal veterans benefits are more widely known, the local benefits can vary greatly depending on the state. Some state benefits may include support groups, local VA facilities, discounts, and education benefits. As far as the quality and quantity of the benefits they provide, some states are ranked more highly for state veterans benefits while others Read More »

How to Qualify for SSDI Benefits While On VA Disability

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As of 2014, almost 4 million veterans in the United States have a service-connected disability. Of these, over a million have a disability rating of 70% or higher, leaving them unable to provide for themselves through regular work. Unfortunately, some veterans assume that receiving VA disability disqualifies them from other disability benefits. Thankfully, this is Read More »

Veterans Benefits in New Jersey

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More than 413,000 veterans and their dependents call the state of New Jersey home, and their honorable service has earned them a long list of benefits. Veterans at times may need assistance accessing these benefits or connecting with the organizations whose goal is to assist veterans. A great place to start is the state’s veteran Read More »

How the VA Can Help you Buy a House

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A 20 percent down payment on a house of any price is painful for most homebuyers. While alternatives can always be pursued, it is difficult to compete with the benefits of a VA loan, which does not require a down payment at all. “This historic, government-backed loan product is arguably the most advantageous mortgage on the market, Read More »