Life Insurance for Veterans

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It is never fun to talk about life insurance. But, for veterans with families it is a very important topic. Life insurance provides financial support to family members should anything happen while a soldier is actively serving. Most active duty understand their automatic Service Group Life Insurance plan benefits (SGLI). However, once military service ends Read More »

Resources for POW/MIA Families

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There is little comfort to those waiting to hear from a loved one who is away serving our country. When your husband, wife, son, daughter, or friend comes home everything is right in the world again. However, some families are faced with a different reality. Death is always a possibility, and many accept that possibility Read More »

Healing Gardens for PTSD Sufferers

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If you have never heard of a healing garden, you are not alone. Feng Shui-inspired, healing gardens offer tranquility, relaxation, and peace for those in need of solitude, harmony, and healing. Healing gardens have grown in popularity among doctors seeking alternative forms of treatment and are increasingly used as therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Read More »

Veteran Resource Spotlight: Houston

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As a veteran, your military service has earned you a wide range of benefits and support. However, sorting through the list and accessing the resources in your area can be a daunting task. We’ve done some of the legwork by sorting and gathering some of the top resources and contacts for veterans. Today’s city spotlight Read More »

3 Red Flags in Military Housing Scams

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When you’re facing a permanent change of station (PCS), one of your top concerns is most likely where you’ll be living. While many families chose to live in military housing, some prefer to use their military housing allowance off-post and explore their new city. While this can lead to exciting new experiences, it can also Read More »

Veteran Resource Spotlight: Chicago

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While the list of benefits and services available to America’s veterans is quite long, trying to locate and sort through the resources can be daunting. In fact, many U.S. veterans may not even be aware of the long list of benefits their military service has earned them, such as the Aid and Attendance benefit which Read More »

VA Automobile Allowance for Injured Veterans

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A service-related injury impacts a person’s entire life, from how he or she completes daily activities to how they get around town and to doctor appointments. These effects can last for years after the injury, and can drain a person’s bank account, making it difficult to afford basic needs, including transportation. The servicemember or veteran Read More »

Who Are the Four-Star Women of the U.S. Military

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When the U.S. Navy’s Admiral Michelle Howard received her fourth star – making her the Navy’s second-highest ranking official and the highest-ranking African-American woman ever in any branch of the military – she noted that she had to special-order her four-star shoulder boards since they’d never been made for the Navy before. With her promotion, Read More »

The Forgotten Warrrior Memorial Wall Honors the Casualties of PTSD

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When a veteran returns home, he or she can expect to be welcomed by the gratitude of a thankful nation. Every service member who has signed up for duty has sacrificed in some way, knowing that their decision to serve may be life altering, especially for those who return gravely injured. But sadly, for thousands Read More »

5 Weird Weapons of War

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History has shown that war and its unique challenges can not only spark the creativity of the world’s inventors, but also open up a government’s willingness to give even the weirdest weapons a try. Below are five little-known weapons that were conceptualized, tested, and, in some cases, even deployed to try to sway the direction Read More »

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