Healing Veterans with Yoga

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Not all battle wounds can be seen. Sometimes soldiers come back from their service different. Their bodies and minds are in a constant state of shock, fight, or flight. As with most individuals, when you are suffering from any kind of stress it is best to try and relax. Sometimes this is easier said than Read More »

‘My Life, My Story’ Helps VA Patients Share More with Their Physicians

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Recent studies show that the majority of U.S. physicians spend only 15-20 minutes with each patient, with some spending as little as 9 minutes with each. In a world where doctors feel rushed to see as many patients as possible, and are inundated with charts, vitals, and lists of symptoms, they work to make the Read More »

Athlete Sailors: Sports in the Navy

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It’s true you have to be in good physical condition to pass the Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) during boot camp and later periodic testing. However, some sailors are gifted with exceptional athletic abilities that set them apart and allow them to compete as levels above the intramural level. For these members of the Navy Read More »

U.S. Army Chaplains Celebrate Over 240 Years on July 29

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They follow a “call within a call,” combining their deepest beliefs with an unyielding commitment to their fellow soldiers. Some are deployed to the battlefield where they face the same violence of war encountered by other soldiers, often rushing into combat to administer spiritual care to their men with little concern for their own well Read More »

A Humvee for Home: Buying Surplus Military Vehicles Online

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Ever wish you could drive a super-tough Humvee in everyday life? Or maybe use a military-grade bulldozer on your next construction project? Today some of the world’s top retired vehicles are available for purchase by civilians, all with the click of a mouse. You’ve seen them roll across the screen in your favorite war movie. Read More »

Most Memorable Military Television Shows

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Decades ago, television was a uniting medium. There were only a handful of stations and a dozen shows that literally everyone in America watched, at the same time, commercials and all. As with many shows, there were those that were created to help us look back at our history and reflect upon the times through Read More »

Parenting Lessons and Traits Learned From The Military

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Being in the military teaches many lessons. There are character traits that are developed, leveraged, and sometimes a few that are squashed as well. For many, the code of conduct they learn while in the military stays with them for a lifetime. Often, it is this code of core values that veterans and active soldiers Read More »

4 Famous Veterans Who Went on to Be President

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According to the U.S. Constitution, the United States President is the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. And appropriately, almost 60% of all U.S. Presidents have been veterans, stretching all the way back to the first U.S. President, George Washington. Until World War II, a majority of U.S. Presidents had served in the Army, but Read More »

The Biggest and Baddest Military Helicopters

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There is no doubt that our US military have a tough job. It is job that would be much more difficult without the amazing technology and battle-gear created to make their missions successful. Some of the most incredible tech can be found in the military’s extensive fleet of helicopters. From special ops, rescue, attack, troop Read More »

5 Must-Read Books About War, Written By Veterans

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For many veterans, it can be difficult to talk about what they have seen and done in war. For others, however, writing about their experiences can be cathartic, and help educate others on what really happens during war. Below are five critically acclaimed books, written by veterans, that will give you firsthand perspective on that Read More »

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