Breaking the Cycle of PTSD Triggers through Meditation and Mindfulness

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According to the National Center for PTSD, about 7 or 8 out of every 100 people in the U.S. – or almost 8% – will experience posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point in their lives. While it is today perhaps most widely associated with veterans returning from combat, a person can develop PTSD after Read More »

Retrofitted Missile Silos Offer Luxury, Safety Post-Apocalypse

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How would you like a $120 million head start on your next construction project? How about 9 foot-thick walls, a glass  roof that can withstand 500 mph winds, and a multi-level structure that can literally withstand a nuclear blast? Sounds pretty good. The only catch: the majority of the building is actually underground, will most Read More »

Sky Soldiers: Aug. 16 is National Airborne Day

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  “Airborne.” “All the way.” It’s a unique greeting and response between Army paratroopers, the “soldiers of the sky.” They are considered three-time volunteers, first volunteering for military service, then volunteering to jump from a plane, and finally volunteering for combat on a recurring basis, often with little advanced notice. The first official Army jump Read More »

August 15 is National Code Talkers Day

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“We have an important job for you. It could save the lives of hundreds of soldiers. It will be dangerous. And you can’t tell anyone what you’re doing.” It sounds like something out of a Hollywood spy movie but in reality, it was the story of the World War II Navajo Code Talkers, whose service Read More »

Homes for Heroes Offers Big Savings to U.S. Veterans

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Veterans often receive thanks for their service from strangers, grateful citizens who wish there was some way to show their appreciation to military members who sacrifice so much. But when a veteran could really use assistance – like the moment they are purchasing a home or if they fall on difficult financial times trying to Read More »

The HUD-VASH Program: Helping Homeless Veterans

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War can have a traumatic effect on those that serve our country. Emotional and physical battle scars can render veterans unable to maintain their jobs, their family lives, and sometimes even daily tasks. Sadly, many veterans also lose their homes as a result of their post-service wounds and instability. To help veterans in need, many Read More »

U.S. Soldier-Athletes Compete with the Best, Including 2016 Olympians

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As the 2016 Olympics kicks off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the world’s top athletes will be competing in a wide range of sporting competitions. What you may not know is that there will be several soldier-athletes participating alongside civilians as part of the U.S. Army’s World Class Army Program (WCAP). Since 1948, 446 Army Read More »

The Military's Influence on Fashion

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It’s hard to imagine two more opposite ends of the spectrum: fashion and the military. However, many pieces of today’s apparel are pulled directly from the battlefields. The military has had a powerful impact on the fashion industry since as early as the 15th and 16th centuries and it continues to inspire new trends even Read More »

Healing Veterans with Yoga

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Not all battle wounds can be seen. Sometimes soldiers come back from their service different. Their bodies and minds are in a constant state of shock, fight, or flight. As with most individuals, when you are suffering from any kind of stress it is best to try and relax. Sometimes this is easier said than Read More »

‘My Life, My Story’ Helps VA Patients Share More with Their Physicians

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Recent studies show that the majority of U.S. physicians spend only 15-20 minutes with each patient, with some spending as little as 9 minutes with each. In a world where doctors feel rushed to see as many patients as possible, and are inundated with charts, vitals, and lists of symptoms, they work to make the Read More »

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