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The military and veterans discount center was a ten year old idea that one of the founders, Terrence Thomas, had but never acted on until a fateful day at the AT&T store in April 2011. Prior to going to the AT&T store, he had read on the web and on several message boards that the company had a military discount and veterans were eligible. He went in and asked the associate about it and she was very helpful, but did not know about the discount for veterans. Feeling embarrassed with all of the fuss and ruckus caused over this (a manager was called in and made a call back to headquarters) he decided to make the purchase without the discount and hoped to resolve the issue at a later date.

While we understand that companies are under no obligation to provide military discounts, (and we are grateful that they do) active duty personnel, reservists, retirees, veterans and spouses are entitled to accurate information about military discounts and veteran discounts. No one should have to pour through pages of pages of angry posts on message boards to determine their military discount eligibility.

MDVC is the largest collection of military and veteran discounts on the web. You will find accurate and up to date information about military and veteran discounts in your local area. In addition, if you see a discount, feel free to add it to our list. Our job is to save you time in figuring out who has discounts and more importantly, to save you money.

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