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  • File Yourself--you can certainly file the application yourself directly with the VA. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully and include all necessary documentation. Keep copies of all correspondence between yourself and the VA and promptly respond to all requests for information. ALWAYS send all correspondence via Return Receipt.
  • You can contact your local VA office and speak with a Service Officer (SO), or contact another VA-related organization such as the VFW or the DAV, etc. There is no charge or fee associated with filing for the Aid & Attendance Improved Pension though these organizations. However, please be aware that there is the possibility that these organizations will not be fully knowledgeable about the Aid & Attendance Pension. This statement is not aimed to denigrate the efforts of these organizations or the people who work within them--it is simply a statement of fact that needs to be known.
    If you elect to work with a local branch, keep in mind that they are not required to keep a copy of the application, nor provide you with a copy. They will not mail the application "Return Receipt", and you will have no way of verifying it was ever received by the VA.
  • In most cases we urge you not to sign a 21-22 making the agency "Claimant's Representative". Local offices get credits for any application they get assigned to them. The downside to this is that YOU will not have any way to follow up on the application other than going back to them. Many times Officers retire or move to another location, and if there is no record of your application, you will be starting back over at square one, and will have lost precious time.
  • Many Assisted Living Facilities will work with you if they know the resident qualifies for A&A. Fortunately, all benefits are retro-dated back to the original filing date, so be sure to ask if this option is available.
  • Check our Senior Care Directory to help identify a facility who may be able to help.
  • You may be able to use a life insurance policy to pay for senior care while the insured is still alive. Find out more about how to convert your life insurance policy into a Long Term Care Benefit to pay for the senior care of your choice.
  • may be an option you want to consider exploring.
  • Your state Senator and Congressperson are contacts you should consider in the event your application has not been approved by 9 months. Involving them may be the key piece in getting a determination. The VA is required to respond to a Congressional inquiry within 5 business days. You should not utilize this option until it is appropriate. Doing this in the early stages will not produce the desired results.

Bottom line--do not give up if you are told by an SO or other VA representative that the Aid & Attendance Pension does not exist or that you or your loved one is not eligible if you believe they are.

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