Will AandA benefit be effected by short stay in rehab hospital?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ltd123, May 17, 2012.

  1. ltd123

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    My father has been getting the A&A benefit for 2 years. He lives at home with caregivers. Yesterday he was admitted to the hospital for general weakness, falls, edema. So far the tests have shown that his body is just generally "wearing out" from being 93. They want to send Dad to a local rehab hospital for 2 weeks to try to help improve his balance, leg strength, etc so he can make the best of what walking skills he has left.

    My question 1.- does this mean I should notify VA of this "new address" for 2 weeks?

    Second choice plan is send him to one of the 2 week or so rehab programs at a nursing home. ( on the ward of people who are going home... not staying there for long term.)

    My question 2. - relative to Dad's A&A benefit, what do I need to do if the rehab at a nursing home prog happens?

    I sure will appreciate any information and help!
  2. vetadmin

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    Is he going in under Medicare?

    If it is only for two weeks, then no, don't notify a change of address.
  3. ltd123

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    Yes, he is going in under medicare.
    Is there anything I should do concerning the VA?
    Thanks for your help.
  4. vetadmin

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    The easiest thing to be would to continue to pay for his care where he is, so that he still can show that expense since Medicare will pay for the rehab and he can't claim those payments.
  5. ltd123

    ltd123 Newbie

    Great idea! Thanks so much
  6. gt57

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    I could be facing a similar situation with a hospital/rehab stay. The issue we will face is we can't pay the assisted living full rate because of Medicaid. Thus we could face not having enough expenses for one or two months. Any advise welcome!
  7. Kaylin

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    You're not going to get the full A&A benefit and full Medicaid if that is what you are electing to do moving forward. The state will allow $90 max for Medicaid with A&A. This $90 must be spent on personal care items only (body soap, laundry detergent, Depends, etc.) If the applicant who has received the Aid and Attendance is going on Medicaid, you need to let the VA know so they can reduce the benefit amount to $90.

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