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    Hello All,
    I am so happy I have found this forum. I am in hopes that somehow by reading and learning from here I can help my 84 year old mother. My father was in the Army, he was in World War 2 and Korea. He came out but spent 1 year in the guards after that. He was wounded while in Korea,shot in the back of the neck and it came shoulder. Later he came out and went to the guards for 1 year. He had the purple heart and many other badges. He became 60% disabled and drew a check. We lost dad in 2008,my parents were married for 52 years. Dad had been married before and his first wife remarried. Dad started having flash backs and went to the doctor at the VA he told dad and mom that dad had "Post Tramatic Stress" and dad ended up 100% disabled. After dad died my mom tried to get compensation(I guess thats what it would be widows compensation)and she has been denied twice(in 2009)A American Legion Rep had been helping her fill out the forms. Finally she went to the courthouse and talked to a lady in her region . The lady told my mother that she might has well give up because she would never get anything from the VA. The woman went on to say that it wasn't clear to her just what my fathers disabilty was. Should she try and refile and go to the VA hospital to the doctor that treated my dad and see if my mother can get a diagnois from the doctor that treated him in writing? My mother is just raking by,she has a small social security check and a 90 dollar a month pension that my dad had from where he worked. There is nothing left before the end of the month comes so we have been buying her groceries She still has all the paperwork in a folder at home. My mother has high blood pressure and alot of back pain. The back pain is so bad she has not been able to find anything that helps much,she is in constant much of the time. Is there anything I can do to help her and if so what and how? Thank You
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    From what you are saying, your mom is still living at home on her own.

    If she required assistance with her day-to-day living either in the home or in an assisted living facility, she would be eligible for this pension, and in addition she would be entitled to an extra $200+ due to your dad being rated at 100%.

    Regarding the DIC, I will send you an email on that.
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    Thank you so much for the fast response. Yes,my mother does still lives in her home,she is getting pretty forgetful. My sister is the main one that takes her to her doctor appointments,to the grocery store and so forth. She is at her house every day to check on her and she calls as well as I do. She doesn't cook anymore so my sister makes sure she eats. As I live further away I try to do as much as I can for her. When dad died there was a checking and savings he and mom had. But that is not the case today,it is gone. She used that money to pay off the car, credit cards and her hearing aides and to also pay a monthly extra insurance premium on herself because she knows medicare doesn't pay everything and with the premium it takes care of the rest incase she goes to the hospital,and to live on to pay her utility bill,water bill and so forth. The premium now comes out of her social security. So could that have been the reason she was denied because at the time her assets were over the limit? Any thoughts anyone. Thank you

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