Widow - Need advice for Elderly Mom in Assisted Living

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Son of Navy Armed Guard, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. My Mom, a widow of WWII vet (2010), has recently begun living in an assisted living residence. She is paying, but we want to be able to let her live as long as possible without exhausting her funds. Those funds took a big hit after Hurricane Sandy when her home was flooded, and she had no Flood Insurance. This not only ate up savings, but decreased the value of her home, which is now being sold. She also was diagnosed with Myeloma about the same time.

    Should we hire a lawyer, or is just doing the paperwork properly enough? Are there advocates that can advise?

    Appreciate any assistance.
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    You don't need a lawyer to do this paperwork, but you do need to determine her financial eligibility. Without knowing what her assets are it is not possible to comment on that. Then there is the issue of selling the house. Those proceeds will have to be disclosed, and will also have an impact.

    You should look at the "Countable income" formula here on the forums under Tips and Resources to help you arrive at how the VA will view that. They basically are looking for her to be close to zero or negative at the end of the month after backing out "allowable" medical/care expenses.

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