Why hasn't Congress added the Beirut-Lebanon Crisis?

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    I am a USN veteran of 8 years. Recently I became unable to work due to an injury that I sustained during my first tour in the Navy (I was in from 1981-1989). While I am awaiting my compensation claim (6 months waiting), and while I am waiting for my Social Security Disability to be approved (at the first appeal process) - I have depleted my savings, sold off all of my assets... Now I face foreclosure, have no income and I am told that I can not file for temporary pension or get any monetary help from the VA... BECAUSE I DID NOT SERVE DURING A WARTIME PERIOD. What was Lebanon and Grenada??

    Ok, so I looked at the fine print and this is what I found:
    "Congress has not enacted legislation that would make the periods covering the 1983-1984 Lebanon crisis or the invasions of Grenada and Panama wartime service."

    Is there a Bill or anything before congress that will allow us Vets that served during the 1983-1984 Lebanon Crisis??

    Any help or direction would be helpfull. I live in Maine, go to Togus VA Hospital for care, use the DAV as an Advocate (Power of Attorney) for my claim with the VA. BUT, I am feeling hopeless untill either my Social Security Disability, or VA Compensation gets approved and kicks in.

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    First of all, thank you for your service. I fully understand your feelings and I agree with your comments. One of my ‘pet peeves’ is when our politicians use the words crisis; conflict; police action; etc instead of war. When our military personnel are dying in a ‘combat zone’ then it is or should be called a war.

    I served a year in Vietnam and I become angry when I hear people referring to it as a conflict. I may have a conflict with the Veterans Administration; my neighbor or some politicians but when someone is shooting at me and want to kill me then it is plain and simple ‘a war’. We will leave this issue for another day.

    I will be up front and tell you now that I do not have a lot of respect for most of the National Service Organizations. They started strong and were on the right track but they have now become complacent and have lost their focus. Your main advocate is you. No one cares about your case and your situation as much as you do. There is a lot that a veteran can do to help mover along their case, they must be aggressive but tactful.

    The VA is required but they do not always comply with the law to consider maximum benefits whenever they receive a claim from a veteran. They will usually only consider what the veteran is asking for. In your case, they will probably only consider your claim for service-connected compensation. If you or the DAV indicated your service-connected disabilities, effects your ability to maintain substantial gainful employment the VA should consider a claim for ‘Individual Unemployabiltiy’. This means that even if your service-connected disabilities are rated less than 100% the VA will pay you at the 100% level. There is a VA form 21-8940 that must be completed. I hope that the DAV had considered this when they applied for your benefits.

    The VA will expedite a claim due to hardship if it is requested. Based on the information included in your posting, I feel you would qualify but it must be requested. I encourage you to get in touch with the DAV and/or VA and check these issues out. If you are given different information or if they tell you differently, please let me know and I will send you copies of their regulation relating to these issues.

    The Veteran Advocate

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