While waiting, veteran passes .... now what?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by caregiverx2, Jul 8, 2011.

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    In May I posted, Dad received award letter, however, it stated they couldn't count prescription drugs or caregiver monthly fees.
    VA stated Statement of Claim with montly Caregiver fees needed to be signed by Caregiver, as well as Veteran's. (signed)
    VA state they couldn't determine what prescription drugs total was from pharmacy printout. (print-out was light)

    When pharmacy re-printed November, they printed Jan-May (by monthly for veteran & spouse)

    We submitted Statement of Claim outlining that we were replying to VA request & also that we were also enclosing 21-8416 Medical Expense Reports for Nov-May for their consideration. (Veteran award was only $300 and since they didn't count caregiver monthly expense or prescription we felt it necessary to ask them to review claim...in a nice way:)

    Now fast foward to July 8th......no word yet from VA.....and Dad passed away 6/26 after a long battle with cancer.

    I hestitate advising VA until we find out if they are adjusting monthly benefit.
    I worry that when we file for Spouse and/or 21-601 for Accrued Amounts due Beneficiary, that it will further hold up the process or even not get the award.

    Dad has only paid caregiver what he got from VA & had promised to settle up when VA revised award after receiving signed caregiver form & pharmacy reports.

    Mom has less than $6000 - has moderate to severe Alzheimer's, has lost 75% of her vision, Parkinson's & is in wheelchair.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated:)
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    VA will know that he passed before they issue any checks. I suggest his spouse submits a VA Form 21-534. You/she do not need to submit a VA Form 21-601 as the 21-534 covers accrued benefits.

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