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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vbcoder, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. vbcoder

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    My wife is in an Assisted Living Facility under Medicaid and I do not pay more than half of her living expenses counting Medicaid. I will be moving into the same ALF and will apply for A&A.If I get A&A will I qualify for the married vet or the single vet benefit?
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    You would qualify for the married vet and will be able to count whatever you pay towards her cost at the Assisted Living Facility. Of course you have to count her income and they do not consider public assistance as income. You may want to check with Medicaid to make sure that the amount the VA pays the veteran for having a spouse will not effect her Medicaid entitlement. This is one of those catch-22 issues where geting one benefit might reduce another one. We suggest you check with Medicaid to make certain this won't be the case.
  3. vbcoder

    vbcoder Jr. Member

    I never thought of that. Thank you so much for your help.

    May God Bless You.
  4. mcrews

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    VA Pension is not countable income for medicaid eligibility.

    Mark John Crews
    Creator Strategic C.A.R.E. Planning
  5. vbcoder

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    A follow-up question.

    Medicaid direct deposits her net pay of $655 ($751.40-$96.40 part B premium) in our bank account and we pay the ALF $589 per month.

    So will I need to list the $655 as income and the $589 as Medical expense even though Medicaid is actually paying her expenses?

    I guess I should have started a new topic to ask this question...
  6. Patty

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    Mark John Crews,
    Whether Aid and Attendance counts against you for Medicaid is determined State by State. In many many states, it does in fact count against you. In others the A&A portion of the benefit (total benefit minus Basic Pension = A&A) is excluded from counting against you for Medicaid. I have only research 5 states, but I have yet to find one that excludes the entire pension for Medicaid purposes.
    Perhaps you are thinking of the $90 A&A due a veteran or his surviving spouse once they are in a nursing home receiving Medicaid - which is very different from a veteran having whose wife's assisted living expenses are paid for by Medicaid - perhaps a several thousand dollar benefit - and then receiving A&A and getting kicked out of the Assisted Living Medicaid program. The states are not all consistent even on the $90 A&A.
    VBCODER needs to check carefully with their state medicaid rules - if it counts against them, either partially or in total, their state may or may not have a community spousal waiver program that would allow them to count the A&A pension towards the vets income only, maintaining the wife's benefits. Another thing to watch for is whether the A&A pension counts towards the $2,000 asset limit for medicaid. In Texas you have until after the month of receipt to spend the money - in RI you must spend it the month of receipt. See what I mean? You really need to know before you apply and unwittingly upset your apple cart.

    And VBcoder - yes, the $589 you pay the assisted living is the medical expense she is paying, you include that in your filing. If your state allows you to count the A&A as yours and maintain her Medicaid or if the receipt of it doesn't put you over the medicaid limits, you would include that and your assisted living fee in the application as medical expenses.
    Good Luck
  7. vbcoder

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    I'm in NC and NC does not look at my assets and income to determine my wife's eligibility for Medicaid to pay for assisted living.

    My concern was since her $751.40 is deposited in our bank account, should I list it as income and the $96.40 Medicare premium and the $589 to the ALF as medical expenses on my 21-526?

    I have enough medical expenses of my own to zero my income with her SS included so I was wondering if I needed to show her income or not.

    Thanks everyone for your input.
  8. Patty

    Patty Newbie

    Yes you do need to include her income and then list what she pays to the ALF as a medical expense. That is great that NC has a community spousal waiver program. I believe as long as you re only separated for medical reasons, you would still be considered as a veteran with a spouse for VA purposes.
    Good luck,

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