where to find form 21-592?

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    As suggested in the FAQ's, I have included the statement, "Please be advised that my parent and I have no issue ......" onto Form 21-4138. But, as also included in that statement, "... and, to that end, have enclosed VA Form 21-592." But, I can't find form 21-592. I have looked everywhere I know to look and have hit a brick wall. Please advise.
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    If you are just making the application, then you do not want to include this as it will delay the process. If you have already made application and they have ruled incompetency, then that is a dfferent situation.

    The VA is no longer dealing with the fiduciary issue until after a determination on the claim has been made. If they find incompetency, they will include this form with the letter. It used to be that you would include VA form 21-22a as Claimant's Rep, but they changed that over to 21-0845 appointing you as a 3rd party to which information can be disclosed. Be sure to include that with the application.
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    Also, you shouldn't be filling out the 592 anyway. The 592 is the form that the pension center sends to the regional office or Salt Lake City fiduciary hub when they are done with incompetency procedures. This essentially says "this person is incompetent for VA purposes, please assign him/her a fiduciary." Then the regional office or Salt Lake City assigns the fiduciary and sends the pension center VA Form 555 which says "we have assigned Joe Smith the fiduciary and you should give him the retroactive pay."

    Questions? Reply or private message.
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    Thanks for this post I was going to send back this form 21-22a as handling the claim, now I see you say not to do this one but the other one

    boy what a confusing mess LOL

    ok so Ed is now at the edge of competency, meaning mental but he cannot do this paperwork, we filed online which was suggested from the person at the head VA I called, then they sent for more info, which I have now been working on. Since he was sent to collections for back medical bills, the doctors no longer want to treat him so I got him to VA based on low income, and he has an appointment now for July 9 in geriatrics, we did intake yesterday. Hopefully they wil interview Ed and do my paperwork the physician needs to send in that they sent me.

    If I understand these back medical bills cannot be included as expenses as he was never paying them, his family I mean, as they were managing his money without power of attorney just took over his bank account. So all his back hospital bills and the doctors who followed him him got sent to collections. anyway also the answer about fudiciary is beneficial, as I had read that you should ask for this upfront, but I will wait on that as well.

    Thanks again for any advice you can send my way and I am sure I will be back here for more answers.
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    In my opinion, if you can avoid the fiduciary process at the outset, I would do so. If he can get approved without a fiduciary, then his retroactive pay will come directly to him instead of being held in arrears for a few extra months while the fiduciary process is drug out. Later on if you want to submit medical evidence to show incompetency and the need for a fiduciary, you can do so, but this way the payments won't be stopped and nothing will be withheld.
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    Thanks so much for your help here
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    I am the spouse of a U.S.A.F. Retired Veteran, who receives VA Benefits and has a fiduciary that he is not happy with and wishes for me to receive the authority in my name at my address. How do we do this? Please help us.

    U.S.A.F. veteran and Spouse, Franklin and Gloria.
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    The VA does not make this form readily available. If you have a local VA office, you might want to stop by there to see if they have one on-hand.

    If you have a phone number for the fiduciary division with the VA I would call that as well, and see if you can get anywhere with that.

    Sorry that we are not much help to you on this request.

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