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  1. My dad is a 90-year-old veteran who has glaucoma and macular degeneration. He continues to live independently(45 minutes away)and no longer able to drive but at this point able to take care of his daily living activities and home. His sight has caused some issues ( including a fall) but for the most part he is self-sufficient. I'm concerned at some point this year he will need assistance. When could I apply?? He doesn't have the need at this moment but I'm concerned about the waiting period and yes--did read about the possibility of expediting for 90+.
    Thanks for any response and this most helpful w-site !
    Proud daughter of a Nave vet!
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    You would not apply until such time as Dad does require assistance, and is paying someone or a facility to provide that for him.

    Given that he is "housebound", depending on his finances, he may be eligible for the lower level of "Housebound" now. The income level threshold for "housebound" status is $1290.00 a month. If he is below that, you may want to consider making application for the lower benefit now.

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