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    I submitted my notebook full of forms and verifications (for my veteran father and my mother) to the VA and received the postcard saying they received it November 13, 2013. They are both in assisted living at this time.

    What's next? If I understand right, they are to send me a letter that it has been received and they're working on it?

    Do I call and see where it is in the que?

    Thanks for your help. This site is so valuable.

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    What is next is called waiting. You know they have received it, and it generally takes at least 90 days to get additional communication from them. This is a slow process, and can be a frustrating one. You do want to monitor, and if you don't have anything at 4 months, then you need to call and check on the application.

    Good luck with it all, and glad to know the site and forums have been helpful.

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